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de minimis non curat lex

From Latin, meaning "the law does not care about the smallest things," a legal principle asserting that trivial matters are not worthy of judicial scrutiny. They want to drag our entire company to court because of a scratch on their car that they allege was caused by one of our machines. I implore the court to acknowledge that this clearly falls under the doctrine of de minimis non curat lex.
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lex dubia non obligat

A Latin phrase that frees one from a contract or other legal obligation that is not morally sound. In English, the phrase means "a dubious law is not binding." As your lawyer, I think we should absolutely take them to court—the terms of this contract are unethical. "Lex dubia non obligat"!
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n. a Lexus automobile. This dude’s Lex ain’t no ghetto sled.
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Whether lex sportiva should be characterized as a part of lex mercatoria or not depends on the fact whether lex sportiva is envisaged as a social phenomenon, whose most relevant aspects are of an economic nature (rights of the athletes to freely exercise a professional activity from which they can derive economic benefits; relevance of sporting events as public entertainments giving rise to the possibility of important cross border business exploitations) or whether, on the contrary, lex sportiva is still to be envisaged as predominantly concerning the Olympic values of the various sports as the ones opposite to the economic consequences of sport practicing and development and are not subject to the economic evaluation.
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In 2001, MacLaren wrote that the term 'lex sportiva' was coined by the acting Secretary General of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Matthieu Reeb, at the time of the publication of the first Digest of CAS decisions stretching over the period from 1986 to 1998.
BUSINESS drivers are committing more driving offences year on year, according to a report by Lex Autolease.
BELL, Alex Lex Trent Versus the Gods Headline, 2010 344pp $19.99 pbk ISBN 9780755355181 SCIS 1451119
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