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lex dubia non obligat

A Latin phrase that frees one from a contract or other legal obligation that is not morally sound. In English, the phrase means "a dubious law is not binding." As your lawyer, I think we should absolutely take them to court—the terms of this contract are unethical. Lex dubia non obligat!
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n. a Lexus automobile. This dude’s Lex ain’t no ghetto sled.
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Another undersecretary, Deo Marco, is the son of a Lex Talionis member.
Lex says: "The producer came to see me in the Histories in London, and then I got a call from my agent saying they wanted me to read for Minder.
Lex laughs: "I worked as a runner on a TV show one time.
The takeover would give Lex control of BSM, Britain's biggest L-test business employing 1,900 driving instructors.
Lex Service chairman Sir Trevor Chinn said: "Motorists recognise the main twin problems of congestion and pollution.
Developers can provide Amazon Lex with sample phrases, like "book a flight," along with questions or responses Amazon Lex needs to say, like "where do you want to travel" or "where do you want to go.
Selection of Lex Autolease was done after a rigorous tender process requiring applicants to demonstrate an ability to tightly control costs and offer full fleet management services, including breakdown recovery and replacement tyres.
com)-- The Lex student apartment community in Lexington, Kentucky announced a new contest offered to current students enrolled at the University of Kentucky.
What's interesting about the concept of lex sportiva?
So You Think You Can Dance" Season 14 just named its winner, and it's Lex Ishimoto.
Before the lex talionis, the law of retaliation, the exchange rate was 7:1, even 77:1, not 1:1, in the time of Lamech in Genesis 4, 23-24.
IT has been four years since the death of experienced diver Lex Warner, a man who suffered catastrophic internal injuries during a fall in his heavy diving gear on the deck of a boat.
Pharmaceutical patent litigation filings have increased significantly since 2014, according to Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company.