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levy something (up)on someone or something

to place a tax on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Congress was very straightforward. It levied room taxes upon rich people. The city council levied a heavy tax on hotel guests.
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In general, Levy flights arise out of chaotic systems, in which a sensitive dependence on initial conditions plays a crucial role.
Levy points out that in the years ahead, the combination of chronic unemployment and chronic economic weakness -- in spite of the huge fiscal boost from the federal government -- will keep margins under pressure, companies focused on cost controls, commodities cheap, and, most importantly, wage costs under pressure.
However, following the recent overall decline in racing's share of the traditional bookmaking market, with a consequent drop in contributions to the levy, calls have been made, notably by racing's representatives on the Levy Board, for users regarded as betting with exchanges by way of a business enterprise to be liable for levy payments.
When Levy and business partner Gary Morgan hired a casting director to bring in people of all shapes and sizes to test a prototype, Levy says the seat was a hit.
Because the offer was never accepted for processing, it was never pending and levy was never prohibited.
The cereal grower levy remains at 40p (plus VAT) per tonne on cereals sold into intervention by a grower directly or through an intermediary
Brian Chater, a special consultant to the CPCC said "We will continue working in the future to raise the amount of the levy further as technological change makes private copying an increasingly inexpensive alternative to purchasing music on a commercial basis for the rights holders.
During his tenure as president and chief operating officer at Harcourt, Levy helped more than double its revenues from $1 billion to more than $2.
Levy says the perception that seniors have no place in the Internet is hogwash.
Because the cells continue to perform immune functions while CAF suppresses the virus, Levy sees hope for a therapeutic strategy against HIV.
Carol Kloster, President and CEO of Levy Music and Video, said, "when we decided to concentrate our marketing efforts on magazines and books, Handleman Company represented the level of customer service consistent with our standards.
Frank Levy has immersed himself in Census data and emerged with a depressing but significant story to tell: America has indeed been quietly slipping backwards for over a decade.
Although audited financial results exhibited declines in the past few years in a property tax authorization cycle common to most Ohio school districts, the approval of an operating levy in November 2004 and a capital levy in November 2005 should improve the district's fiscal position for the next several years.
I HAVE read with alarm about the decline in levy revenue and noted with interest comments from the Levy Board chairman about overseas betting companies who make no levy payments.
Guest went on to direct two other sidesplitting spoofs, ``Waiting for Guffman'' and ``Best in Show,'' with an ensemble including Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Parker Posey and Fred Willard, among others.