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levy (something) on (someone or something)

To force a person, company, or country to pay some a tax, fine, tariff, etc., as punishment for something. The president threatened to levy new sanctions on the country in response to their human rights abuses. The regulatory body promised to levy steep fines on the companies responsible for the economic crash.
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levy something (up)on someone or something

to place a tax on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Congress was very straightforward. It levied room taxes upon rich people. The city council levied a heavy tax on hotel guests.
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It goes on to say the Levy Board has received legal advice that operators should not class those cash refunds as Continues page 2 From front page customer "winnings", ie money that would reduce a bookmaker's g ross prof it on racing and therefore the amount of levy paid.
"As we redesign the levy, keeping support in place for apprenticeships matters, but we must end the scandal of locking temporary workers out of the system.
"The increase by 0.1 percent means that the levy on retailers affected the growth of January prices by nearly one-twentieth," INESS wrote in its press release.
Mr Johnson also told the PAC that in addition to collecting the gambling levy, the Gambling Authority also collected the Responsible Gambling Levy.
'If there is any body that collects money from these pupils, it is an illegal levy. This development levy, which is not compulsory, the part of the money kept by the school heads are to be used to buy chalk, cut grass, and (take care of) other school needs.
"When examining the expenditures of the IMRF Levy fund, payments were detected for other purposes besides IMRF.
Budget officials have said the city needs to consider increasing the police levy tax rate to $1.44 to avoid eliminating seven to nine jobs in the next year or so.
As a campaign promise of the President, and given his populist bent, the coco levy fund would have already been given back to the three million coconut farmers, were it not for a TRO issued last Oct.
Although France remains his home (he divides his time between Paris and the south of France), Levy lives something of a wandering life.
Under EO 179, the government has provided the guidelines for the inventory and privatization of coco levy assets.
EXEC PRODUCERS: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Andrew Barnsley, Fred Levy, Ben Feigin CAST: Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Chris Elliott, Daniel Levy, Annie Murphy
The levy raised [euro]1.9billion and was used to cut restaurant and hospitality VAT rates from 13.5% to 9% and reduce PRSI rates on low-paying jobs.
Levy, a former city councilor and state legislator, was arraigned in Framingham District Court this week after he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend outside a bar early Saturday morning.
Nikita Levy, a John Hopkins gynecologist committed suicide while being under investigation for secretly filming patients with a pen during their exams.