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levy (something) on (someone or something)

To force a person, company, or country to pay some a tax, fine, tariff, etc., as punishment for something. The president threatened to levy new sanctions on the country in response to their human rights abuses. The regulatory body promised to levy steep fines on the companies responsible for the economic crash.
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levy something (up)on someone or something

to place a tax on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The Congress was very straightforward. It levied room taxes upon rich people. The city council levied a heavy tax on hotel guests.
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The personnel of Levies force demanded the government to give compensation to them equal to that of KP police.
Merging Levies with the police will increase the security bill of the provincial government without bringing significant improvement in the security situation.
Deputy Commissioner Khuzdar (retd) Major Mohammad Ilyas Kabzai while addressing the ceremony said that Khuzdar Levies Force has played momentous role on every front for improvement of law and order situation through conducting a wide range of search operations and arresting elements involved in terrorist activities and preventing narcotics smuggling.
All the perks and privileges that have been given to K-P police will now also be given to Levies and Khasadar forces, he added.
Addressing the rally, Major Abdul Satar, deputy head of Levies Major Gul Zar Khan, Subedar Sohil Khan, Subedar Munir Zada and Subedar Habibullah criticised the government for not fulfilling its commitment.
Levies sources said an improvised explosive device planted in a motorcycle outside Tareen's office exploded as soon as he was about to enter the building.
"Wangamati said we would not be paying any levies, but now he has changed the tune.
"Moreover, regarding the IMRF fund payments to other levies, the IMRF responded, 'No, IMRF levy money is restricted for IMRF employer contributions.
Taxpayers have rights when it comes to tax levies. For people who have tried to ignore their tax debt only to find themselves impacted by a levy, finding an aggressive tax professional to fight for your rights with the IRS can be a time-saving and stress-reducing option.
A SYSTEM of raising red meat levies from livestock markets instead of abattoirs would address the current anomaly which sees Welsh farming losing out on pounds 1m-a year.
The new structure will provide better value for money and offer greater accountability for farmers and growers." The new board will have responsibility for ensuring that levies are raised and spent cost effectively in meeting the challenges facing these industries in the future.
The vast majority of respondents (92%), including all major stakeholders, to the public consultation supported retention of the statutory levies although a number did want to see improved value for money.
The poster child of research levies is the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP).
This expansion heightens the importance of minimizing inappropriate levies. This report identifies one cause for inappropriate levies for which corrective measures can be taken before IRS completes the installation of the replacement for its master file.
QUETTA -- Case regarding the merger of Levies into Police was heard by the divisional bench of Justice Ijaz Ahmed Swati and Justice Nazeer Ahmed Langove of in Balochistan High Court.