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Variables studied include such things as correctly compensating the alignment heads for angular correction, tire pressure errors, and levelness errors in the measurement platform inducing wedge (a corner or cross weight preload).
The levelness of the playing field means that the political fighting among the candidates will be fierce and all-consuming.
In order to accurately examine the levelness of the dyed cotton fabrics obtained from various recycling processes and control experiments, their RUI index were calculated and provided in Table 4.
It may be necessary to provide leveling shims for the chassis to meet the manufacturer's requirements for the levelness of the chassis.
These heterocyclic dyes gave a wide range of colour varying from yellowish brown to reddish brown shades with good levelness, brightness and depth on the fabric.
However, whether they continue to do what they are already doing with or without the sanction of their rule book, the objective of what they should do must to lead lay people towards emancipation by practicing Buddha's message of Maitri, caring, loving kindness displayed to all you meet, Karuna: compassion or mercy, the special kindness shown to those who suffer (empathy), Mudita: sympathetic joy, being happy with others in their joy without a trace of envy, Uppekha (Upeksha): equanimity or levelness, the ability to accept others as they are and be non-judgmental.
The warehouse includes vertical dock levelers with full enclosure insulated dock doors, high bay lighting with motion sensors, Floor levelness and flatness to reduce breakage and to provide an ergonomic solution to fork lift operator fatigue and pick area flow racks and static racking including layer pick.
From the levelness of the county-- through Montgomery, Dark, and
The overriding impression of the boat's handling is one of balance and levelness of ride, as evidenced by our not using the electric trim tabs.
The central figures of this weird kaleidoscope of free-to-download albums, experimental filmmaking, photography, illustration, and bro-cam footage are Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, two deft rappers who spin tales of violence and insanity with an uncanny levelness. Tyler handles a fair portion of the production work, and his trademark beats are geometric and crunchy like the scores of 8-bit video games.
Maybe we need more uneven paving as our brains automatically adjust our foot height to the perception of levelness. You don't trip on an uneven field because you raise your feet higher.