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Scottie has enquired after Midge's love life, asking her 'Aren't you ever going to get married?' 'You know there's only one man in the world for me Johnny-O' is Midge's reply, offered levelly, without self-pity or expectation (and without her ceasing her sketching).
Surrounding the vertical axis, the boat is made to navigate levelly by relying on the swinging of the caudal fin.
"It's happening fast," he says levelly as we sit in his office on the Amundsen.
Some forty years later I asked my mother if she recalled that event and she looked at me levelly, "Why, yes, I certainly do." The cold indignation in her eyes and my silence formed an unspoken agreement that we would not revisit the incident that took place in the kitchen in early 1967.
Yeager was standing erect with his parachute rolled up and his helmet in the crook of his arm, right out of the manual, and staring at them quite levelly out of what was left of his face, as if they had had an appointment and he was on time.(343)