level with

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level with (one)

To be honest with one, especially after having been deceitful or not completely truthful or forthcoming. I'm going to level with you, OK? I'm not who you think I am. Jesse, you need to level with us so we can help you. We're on your side, but you need to tell us the truth.
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level with someone (about someone or something)

Fig. to be straightforward with someone about something; to be sincere or truthful about someone or something. The police encouraged the criminal to level with them about the crime. Level with me, and tell me what you thought of my cake.
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References in classic literature ?
Some had lain so long that they were quite gone, though their faint outlines, level with the mould, could still be seen.
But should there be one person, or a very few, eminent for an uncommon degree of virtue, though not enough to make up a civil state, so that the virtue of the many, or their political abilities, should be too inferior to come in comparison with theirs, if more than one; or if but one, with his only; such are not to be considered as part of the city; for it would be doing them injustice to rate them on a level with those who are so far their inferiors in virtue and political abilities, that they appear to them like a god amongst men.
On the level with the surface of the water he saw a large opening in the dark and slimy wall.
When testing company-level controls, use an organization-wide survey to gauge employee awareness of the company's mission, vision and core strategies, adherence to the code of conduct and comfort level with the whistleblower hotline.
GH secretion in male rats is characterized by low basal level with regular surges, whereas in females the secretion is manifested by higher basal levels with smaller and more irregular pulses (24-27).
Plexus will support Next Level with its "product realization" model, which supports customers in taking products from initial engineering and thorough testing, through volume manufacture and delivery.