level best

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someone's level best

one's very best effort. I will do my level best to find your husband. Don't go to a whole lot of trouble. Your level best is good enough.
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level best

see under do one's best.
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level best

n. one’s very best effort. I will do my level best to find your husband.
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(one's) level best

The best one can do in an earnest attempt: I did my level best in math class.
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According to Bill Foley, Chief Operating Officer, "With the signing of this agreement, Level Best Golf will have exposure of its products in Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom.
Bill Foley, Level Best Golf's Chief Operating Officer, stated, "We were very impressed with Hunter's representation of other fine companies.
In addition, amplification levels are programmable, enabling users to set the amplification level best suited to their hearing.
On the occasion, Fehmida, Zareena Araen, Muhammad Ali Khaskheli and others briefed the Chief Election Commissioner and later talking to media said, "We would try our level best to hold transparent and fair election in the said constituency.
He assured the Prime Minister that he would try his level best to come up to the expectations of the Government.
Also starring Tom Wilkinson, there are few surprises but I find it hard hating Lawrence who does his level best with a poor premise.
In the film, a seventh-grader named Marty (Zachary Brown) does his level best to befriend a misanthropic, gun-brandishing alcoholic named Judd (Scott Wilson), who once owned Shiloh and resents Marty and his family for taking the dog in.
Fred Solomon, Level Best Golf's Chief Executive Officer, stated "We are really excited to have the AngleIron be officially endorsed by Golf Digest Schools.
New members can select the membership level best suited for their interest and activity level.
He noted he would try his level best to provide clean drinking water, adequate health facilities and better opportunities of education to the dwellers of Islamabad.
The officials of Excise and Taxation department are trying their level best to achieve the target.
LBGF) CO: Level Best Golf; Golf Digest Schools ST: Florida IN: REA HOU SU:
Separately, Level Best confirmed demand with major retailers which will put Level Best's product into over 1000 stores nationwide in early spring of this year.
In an interview with Voice of America she said, "We tried our level best for the transparency of the Programme and legislation has been done for it".
PPP government has tried its level best to resolve these issues and is trying more, he added.