level at

level (something) at (someone or something)

To aim or direct something at another person or thing. He leveled the rifle at the charging bull and pulled the trigger. She isn't above leveling disparaging remarks at her employees as a way of asserting her control.
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level something at someone or something

to direct something at someone or something; to aim a remark at someone. The sheriff leveled his rifle at the fleeing bandit. Why did you think you had to level that barrage of words at me? I didn't make the problem. Sam leveled an acid comment or two at the committee.
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level at

To direct something toward someone or something: The reporter leveled charges of corruption at the committee. The robber leveled the gun at the victim's head.
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As of 4:17 p.m., the Marikina Public Information Office said the water level at Marikina River went up to 18 meters with all eight floodgates open.
A level reading of .015 inch/ft would calculate to .110" out of level at the end of the 87" long roll (.015" X 7.3" = 110").
And since they measure level at one point, their readings can be affected by the material's angle of repose.
Thus, while the question is assessed at the lowest possible level at which the student can answer it, the answer is assessed at its highest possible level.
Tide-gauge records indicate that sea level at Venice has risen 25 cm, driven in part by the water extraction and the global sea level rise spurred by increasing worldwide temperatures.
However, neither economic theory nor empirical evidence provides any good indication of the level at which debt-service constraints begin to reduce spending.
Nevertheless, a valid severity of illness measure would provide a perfect correlation, independent of diagnosis, between severity level at discharge and, say, probability of death in a defined period, assuming the patient did not undergo subsequent treatment that would alter outcomes.
Zero level (the level at which air blows out of the hood instead of sucking into the hood) may need to be lowered below conventional levels on high-speed machines to knee-level or below instead of above your head.
To find the shape and location of the two-dimensional boundary at any moment, they simply determine the evolving surface's zero level at that time.
One percent of the homes in the new survey had levels exceeding 20 pCi/l, and a few had levels exceeding 150 pCi/l--a level at which the agency recommends taking immediate corrective action.
In particular, they think changes in the rates of seafloor spreading are responsible for both the "first-order' cycle, with its lowest sea level at 260 million years ago and its highest at about 90 million years ago, and the "second-order' cycles, which have periods of about 10 million to 110 million years.
For instance, doubling the amount of water that is diverted from Lake Michigan into the Mississippi River system, says Quinn, would lower the mean water level at Chicago by merely an inch or so after about three years.
Researchers from New York City's Rockefeller University, Rogosin Institute and New York Hospital-Cornell Medical College evaluating an experimental LDL-removal process have now found that it raises the HDL level at the same time.