let (someone or something) loose

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let (someone or something) loose

To make free or give up control of something or someone; to release or discharge something or someone, as from confinement. Due to a lack of evidence, the suspects were let loose by police. Samantha was suspended for letting mice loose throughout the school.
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let one loose

To pass gas through one's anus; to fart. It smells like someone let one loose in the elevator when I walked in. Gross! Don't go letting one loose at the dinner table like that, Tom!
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let loose

(with something) Go to let go (with something).
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let ˈloose

(British English) (American English cut ˈloose) (informal) do something or happen in a way that is not controlled: Teenagers need a place to let loose.
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let somebody/something ˈloose

1 free somebody/something from whatever holds them/it in place: She let her hair loose and it fell around her shoulders.Who let the dogs loose?
2 give somebody complete freedom to do what they want in a place or situation: He was at last let loose in the kitchen.A team of professionals were let loose on the project.
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After introducing creatures such as spiders, mice and cockroaches to the property, George lets them loose for a month to find out what they get up to.
KRIS BOYD reckons he and Kenny Miller can be Hampden hotshots if Craig Levein renews their partnership and lets them loose on Liechtenstein.
In a quartet of novels--The Star Fraction (1995), The Stone Canal (1996), The Cassini Division (1998), and The Sky Road (1999)--MacLeod sets up several societies then lets them loose in something akin to the real world, where they can compete, infiltrate each other, and try to come to terms with their internal contradictions.
Monday Channel 4's Comedy Gala Channel 4, 9pm Doing pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, this special collects some of Channel 4's top comedy stars and lets them loose on a live audience.