let it/(one) be

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let it/(one) be

To not interact with or bother someone or interfere with something; to leave someone or something alone. I know you want to help, but he needs some space right now. Just let him be. I was going to try to fix the printer but I figured I would just let it be until you got here.
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Let it be.

Leave the situation alone as it is. Alice: I can't get over the way he just left me there on the street and drove off. What an arrogant pig! Mary: Oh, Alice, let it be. You'll figure out some way to get even. John: You can't! Bill: Can too! John: Can't! Bill: Can too! Jane: Stop arguing! Let it be! That's enough!
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let be

Leave undisturbed, refrain from interfering with. For example, Stop fussing with the tablecloth; let it be, or, as A.E. Housman put it in A Shropshire Lad (1896): "Will you never let me be?" [Second half of 1100s] Also see leave someone alone; leave someone in peace.
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