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"They ought to let themselves go more!" she exclaimed.
Some heroes are coping, some other heroes are also coping, but badly, and others have let themselves go. You've probably never seen so many superheroes look this despondent at the same time ever before, and the effect is transcendental.
Harry was a little concerned: "This lot have let themselves go so much they are a heart attack waiting to happen." But at least it didn't affect his ability to deliver a fine one-liner - ahead of a practice match against a team of schoolboys, he announced: "Today, we are going to play three at the back - that's you, Razor!" Ridgeway Rovers Youth won the game 2-1, after Harry called for it to be stopped early for the sake of his players.
Is there a real reason, like have they put on loads of weight or let themselves go? If not, it is likely boredom has set in.
The lyrics are shown on screen enabling the whole audience to let themselves go, sing out and become part of the show.
These women who have kids then let themselves go, so slobbish and lazy and SELFISH.
'I think what a lot of moms forget is that sometimes they let themselves go,' she was quoted in the report.
A tribute to Lebanese dads: men who love to let themselves go
The child knows they can let themselves go so they do.
Karylle has been married to Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon for some time now but unlike women who let themselves go once they settle into matrimonial bliss, the singer-actress is as radiant as ever, if not more.
As long there are shops to visit, a Corniche to walk on, funerals to attend, and other people's partners to flirt with, no one's going to let themselves go to seed.
"They can't let themselves go because they'll pay for it when they get back."