let (someone) loose (on something)

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let (someone) loose (on something)

To allow someone to do something as they please, without supervision or control. It's so nice to go to the park and let the kids loose for a while. I hope the board of directors aren't let loose on our project. We can't afford to have them changing things last minute!
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let loose

(with something) Go to let go (with something).
See also: let, loose
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let ˈloose

(British English) (American English cut ˈloose) (informal) do something or happen in a way that is not controlled: Teenagers need a place to let loose.
See also: let, loose
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References in classic literature ?
They'd had all the dogs shut up, so they wouldn't scare off the robbers; but by this time somebody had let them loose, and here they come, making powwow enough for a million; but they was our dogs; so we stopped in our tracks till they catched up; and when they see it warn't nobody but us, and no excitement to offer them, they only just said howdy, and tore right ahead towards the shouting and clattering; and then we up-steam again, and whizzed along after them till we was nearly to the mill, and then struck up through the bush to where my canoe was tied, and hopped in and pulled for dear life towards the middle of the river, but didn't make no more noise than we was obleeged to.
I was about three months hedging in the first piece; and, till I had done it, I tethered the three kids in the best part of it, and used them to feed as near me as possible, to make them familiar; and very often I would go and carry them some ears of barley, or a handful of rice, and feed them out of my hand; so that after my enclosure was finished and I let them loose, they would follow me up and down, bleating after me for a handful of corn.
Make setting off to the library an adventure and once there let them loose among the shelves - choosing what they want to read.
Political will and determination by the state government is needed to discipline its own cadres rather than let them loose on political opponents.
"This team is attacking and scores goals and sometimes, you have to let them loose."
The divers untangled the baby sharks and let them loose from the large nets, weighing three tons.
As confetti pieces flutter to the floor, and we shut the lights and head to bed, remember, it was millions and millions of moments of silence - voting booth by voting booth- that let them loose.
Why not let them loose on these furry little pests?
We took them off the Kings Road and let them loose in the woods (where we found plenty of places to hang the clothes - they don't have wardrobes in the jungle, y'know).
Wouldn't it be far better to fly over a few of our costumed chums from South Korea and let them loose on Birmingham's criminal underclass?
RIO Ferdinand has a new magazine, TheirMag, coming out soon and to celebrate the launch, he gave JLS a disposable camera and let them loose with it.
Buy a roll of the cheapest white wallpaper you can find and give the children paint and brushes and let them loose on the paper.
No-one has the right to put children at risk by rehabilitating sick criminals and then let them loose in the hope they are changed people.
Eighty-five of them were easy to transport down to the river where I let them loose. The others weren't as well behaved, but with the plastic covering on the cage, no harm was done.
He would bring them home and let them loose very close to the house.