let somebody know

let (one) know

To tell or inform someone (of or about something). Julie be sure to let me know if anything changes between now and then. I let the boss know about the development yesterday.
See also: know, let

let somebody ˈknow

tell somebody about something: I don’t know if I can come, but I’ll let you know soon.Let me know how I can help.
See also: know, let, somebody
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For all the build-up to the Euros, see Sport and WalesOnline POLICE TIPS FOR FANS TRAVELLING TO FRANCE | Make sure you have your accommodation and travel pre-booked before you get over there | Ensure you let somebody know where you are at all times | Leave plenty of time to go to the games as there will be enhanced safety and security checks at each of the games.
I told my grandson if anyone talks to them about fighting to let somebody know.
Police and Jamie's family are concerned for his welfare and urged him to let somebody know he is safe and well.
Speak to somebody, let somebody know how you are feeling.
Dutton would have been searched for much sooner if he had let somebody know of his itinerary," Miller said.
Make a lunch or coffee date, let somebody know where you're going to be.
Today, as police grew increasingly concerned for Mr Tudge's safety, his wife of 12 years, Jane Tudge, made an emotional appeal for him to let somebody know he safe.
That's my feeling, and we have to let somebody know that, `Hey, we're still here,' and go from there.
If there's anything at all, no matter how small it is if they let somebody know, the police or through Crimestoppers or whatever, because even the tiniest little thing can be part of a jigsaw that make other things fall into place.
If he doesn't feel like he can come home then please will he let somebody know where he is and that he's safe.
But we advise them to stay in groups or let somebody know where they are going and catch taxis from official ranks.
If we had two reports of a similar crime with a similar operation, two of a kind is enough to let somebody know," Dreyer said.
He said there was no problem with staff getting time off work as long as they rang in to let somebody know so that someone else could come in to cover.
Tom said: "I don't know whether they have any conscience, but I just hope they will let somebody know where the dogs are now.