let slip

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let (something) slip

To accidentally or inadvertently reveal some secret or important piece of information. I can't believe your sister let news of our engagement slip in front of your parents! The agent, under the influence of a powerful truth serum, let slip the names of other operatives working covertly in the area.
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let something slip (out)

Fig. to reveal a secret carelessly or by accident. I didn't let it slip out on purpose. It was an accident. John let the plans slip when he was talking to Bill.
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let slip

1. Also, let slip or slide by ; let slide. Miss an opportunity; waste time. For example, We forgot to buy a ticket and let our big chance slip by, or He let the whole day slide by. The first term dates from the mid-1500s, the variant from the late 1500s.
2. Also, let slip out. Reveal something, usually inadvertently, as in He let it slip out that he had applied for the vacant position. [Mid-1800s]
3. let slip through one's fingers. Fail to seize an opportunity, as in We could have won the trophy but we let it slip through our fingers. [First half of 1600s]
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let slip

To say inadvertently.
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It is not dogs which have been let slip, not dachshunds of way, not the other kind of toxin (though appropriate enough, that poison, to our circumstance): the dread alarum which he was "not trying to sound" the world has heard, and because he has had whatever it was, we are havin git.
I COULDN'T believe it when The Proclaimers let slip they'd covered one of my all-time favourite punk rock songs.
And Denise let slip in front of the whole audience that youngest son Louis was conceived on a DFDS ferry on its way to Amsterdam.
Brummie rocker Ozzy Osbourne may have let slip one expletive too many during his career, but the wild man of rock is often seen being considerate to others.
THE Rossport Five's Micheal O'Seighin let slip an interesting secret when he and his fellow campaigners were released from jail a week ago.
Morton once let slip to Davies that he wanted to travel a continent on a Harley.
Michael Paulk hit a two-run home run that gave CSUN a five-run lead, which the team eventually let slip away as visiting UC Santa Barbara scored eight runs in the top of the eighth inning to defeat the Matadors 10-7.
WREXHAM, who desperately need points to stay in the Second Division, let slip two more at Bury last night.
Wossy slips up over wedding Jonathan Ross has let slip that Stephen Fry is planning to wed husband Elliott Spencer a second time.
So when Boris won, when Ken saw the slaughter of Socialism in our Valleys, he let slip the newts of war.
He rang me on a business trip to America and let slip that someone was staying in the hotel with him - but I thought he was travelling alone.
Clint Marcelle replied a minute before half-time after goalkeeper Chris Mackenzie let slip a Kevin Nicholson corner.
And with her recording deal with Telstar in doubt, she let slip to friends that she and England captain David are trying for another child.
Still, it was a game neither team wanted to let slip away.