let slip

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let (something) slip

To accidentally or inadvertently reveal some secret or important piece of information. I can't believe your sister let news of our engagement slip in front of your parents! The agent, under the influence of a powerful truth serum, let slip the names of other operatives working covertly in the area.
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let something slip (out)

Fig. to reveal a secret carelessly or by accident. I didn't let it slip out on purpose. It was an accident. John let the plans slip when he was talking to Bill.
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let slip

1. Also, let slip or slide by ; let slide. Miss an opportunity; waste time. For example, We forgot to buy a ticket and let our big chance slip by, or He let the whole day slide by. The first term dates from the mid-1500s, the variant from the late 1500s.
2. Also, let slip out. Reveal something, usually inadvertently, as in He let it slip out that he had applied for the vacant position. [Mid-1800s]
3. let slip through one's fingers. Fail to seize an opportunity, as in We could have won the trophy but we let it slip through our fingers. [First half of 1600s]
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let slip

To say inadvertently.
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But in The Washington Post interview he let slip that he personally thinks Iran has that goal.
All we need to do is think back to the first time we played them this year (a 2-1 Galaxy victory featuring two late goals) because that's a game that we let slip away, and it was a terrible feeling for all of us.
The enthusiastic members jokingly let slip that they had already chosen John's vision for him, that he was to be the new Sunday School coordinator.
DR Who star David Tennant has let slip he wears long johns under his costume - and so does shapely co-star Billie Piper.
Tim Henman let slip a one-set lead as he lost to rising star Novak Djokovic at the ABN AMRO tournament in Rotterdam.
As simple and even rudimentary as the story appears to be, scraps of information let slip throughout make us question exactly how long it has taken for Keane's marriage and sanity to crumble so totally.
It invites us to let slip the moorings of rampant self, and gently, gratefully turn toward completion.
A few of the poems could have been cut to let slip the beauty of her life experiences.
WREXHAM, who desperately need points to stay in the Second Division, let slip two more at Bury last night.
Mr Blair, who became a father for the fourth time last May with the birth of his third son Leo, let slip his reluctance to have any more children during a General Election campaign tour visit to the Teesside Play and Education Resource Centre in Middlesbrough.
Moments before Ahmed successfully bid 875,000gns for a colt by Barathea, Mulhall let slip that Royal Anthem is close to retirement, although stud plans are in the process of being finalised for the injury-stricken colt.
Sun CEO Scott McNealy, able as always to spot a PR opportunity, let slip the name 'Corona' to analysts last week, and allowed himself to be gently chastised by his publicity department.
It is an opportunity that must not be let slip, so the administration and allocation of the fund must be carefully and effectively targeted," said Dr.
HARRY REDKNAPP is not the first pundit or studio guest to let slip a naughty word with a slip of the tongue - and won't be the last.