let slide by

let someone slide by

Fig. to permit someone to get past a barrier or a challenge too easily. You let too many students slide by. You need to be more rigorous. Don't let even one unqualified person slide by!
See also: by, let, slide
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It doesn't matter what other people get away with that you can't seem to let slide by.
It seems like different groups or organizations pick and choose which issues to fuss and complain about, which sends contradictory messages about what's important and what people will let slide by.
The "little" errors and omissions to which we may have become too accustomed or let slide by, in reality, can easily become big problems for our patients, or at the least, such an attitude can create an environment that is too laissez-faire for safe patient care.
But this isn't the kind of thing one can just let slide by.
Both the technology arena and the blue chip sector have benefited from a string of positive finishes, a streak the Dow let slide by afternoon dealings," stated Peter Antipatis.