let rip

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let (something) rip

1. To let something go; to start something up. Often used as an imperative. OK, the rocket is ready to launch. Let that thing rip! I replaced the spark plug, so go ahead and let it rip so we can see if there's any difference. We've spent so long working on this ad campaign that I'm excited to finally let it rip.
2. To do something without inhibition or restraint, typically with great enthusiasm or force. Wow, did you see that kick? He really let it rip. When I'm writing a first draft, I like to just let it rip and not worry about typos or grammar.
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let rip

1. To let out a wild, uncontrolled burst of anger or frustration. Wow, I've never seen Dave let rip into anyone like that. He's usually so mild mannered. I was expecting Mom to really let rip after she found out we'd broken the window, but she just sent us to our room.
2. To fart, especially noisily and indiscreetly. I can't believe you let rip in front of my parents like that. I was absolutely mortified.
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let rip

1. If you let rip, you stop controlling yourself and suddenly do something with great energy or emotion. She throws her head back and lets rip with the loudest scream imaginable. Note: You can also say that someone lets it rip with the same meaning. Halfway through the song she lets it rip and you really feel the power of that voice. All of them know exactly when to let it rip and when to tread softly.
2. If you let rip, you suddenly express strong opinions and feelings about a subject that you previously didn't allow yourself to talk about. Every now and then in a relationship it's good to just let rip and say exactly how you feel. When he quit the Commons he let rip, claiming Parliament was `a club for fat, tired, unfit old men'.
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let rip

1 do something or proceed vigorously or without restraint. 2 express yourself vehemently or angrily. informal
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let something rip

1 allow something, especially a vehicle, to go at full speed. 2 allow something to happen forcefully or without interference. 3 express something forcefully and noisily. informal
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let ˈrip (at somebody) (with something)

(informal) speak or do something with great force, enthusiasm, etc. and without control: He was furious. He let rip at me with a stream of abuse.In the last song, the singer really let rip.
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let something ˈrip

(informal) allow a car, boat, etc. to go as fast as possible: There’s a straight road ahead. Let it rip!
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He let rip at the Ecuador striker, 23, who missed Saturday's defeat at Arsenal after returning late from international duty.
CHAT show king Michael Parkinson let rip at Sir Alan Sugar and his TV show The Apprentice, branding them "vulgar".
could have their biggest hit yet with this great song; and Banquet by Bloc Party, the London punk stars let rip on this track from debut album Silent Alarm.
Supercool Lamarr let rip against the Co Down-born Fame Academy presenter, saying he wasn't the best TV frontman in the world.
The Countess of Wessex let rip to a person purporting to be a Saudi Arabian looking to do business with her public relations company.
The Czech model, 36, let rip at the after-party in French club VIP Room.
FORMER newsreader Jan Leeming has let rip about jungle mate David Gest.
Dan McCafferty's rasping vocals cut through the 500-capacity hall like a hot knife through butter, while bass player Pete Agnew's pulsing rhythms and son Lee's amazing drum technique provided a solid backbone for guitarist Jimmy Murrison to let rip with some awesome riffs.
Tell us you didn't have a chuckle when he lost the plot and let rip with more foul language.
"It's a sign how out of touch Brown is that he thinks it reasonable to let rip with PR and advertising spending while telling everyone else to tighten their belts."
FRESH from Glastonbury and T in the Park, the five-piece Paisley punk band have more in common with Neil Young than The Sex Pistols, as they let rip about war, the USA and exploitative corporations.
"I had said Tune might think it's his last game and the way he let rip in the fight I think he definitely thought it was his last," joked Krige.
He also urged cult followers of the hit show to let rip this weekend as TedFest II hits Aran Mor, Co Clare.
OASIS frontman Noel Gallagher has let rip about his brother Liam not pulling his weight.
Straight from a hero's welcome in London, he plunged us headlong into the raw and seamier side of life and, guitar thrashing mercilously, let rip. There's a powerful literary quality to the songwriting, each jolting wake-up call delivered with so much energy you think he might explode.