let past

let (one) past

To allow one to pass by or around (someone or something). I need to get into the building to retrieve my briefcase—please let me past! I didn't want to drive any faster on the highway, so I moved closer to the curb to let the cars behind me past.
See also: let, past

let someone (get) past

to allow someone to pass; to get out of the way so someone can pass. Please let me get past. I'm in a hurry. Do let me past.
See also: let, past
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While many in India argue that previous attempts at dialogue have not borne fruit, we must not let past failures overshadow our future.
BALLYMENA UNITED boss David Jeffrey won't let past loyalties blind him when he locks horns with Linfield in tomorrow's BetMcLean League Cup final at Windsor Park.
About an hour later, the families were let past the boundary and escorted into the CBP processing facility.
Revisit your relationships with others, and let past incidents show you how to take a positive path.
Jema Galanza is not one to let past drawbacks get in the way of her dream.
Don't let past politics drive our search for future solutions.
LIBRA Sep 24- Cot 23 Don't let past impressions about someone colour your mind, as he or she appears changed.
Learn from Experience -- don't let past failures weigh you down, and cherish your victories, but do not let them make you complacent.
SAGITTARIUS November 23-December 21 Don't let past contacts stand in the way of new dreams - you think they control you, but they don't.
A total of 94 goals in the season was seven more than their nearest rivals (Eastleigh), while only two sides conceded less than the 46 the Bees let past them.
Email Marketing: Use email marketing to let past and current customers know your business will be at the event.
Don't let past successes become an excuse to rest on your laurels.
I for one always give way to pedestrians, I also say thank you when I'm let past, as do many of the cyclist that use this route.