let pass

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let (something) pass

To ignore, refuse to acknowledge, or choose not to retaliate against something someone else says or does. Those comments are very hurtful, but I'm going to let them pass because I know how frustrated you are. You have to let people's criticisms pass if you want to succeed in this industry.
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let something pass

Fig. to let something go unnoticed or unchallenged. Bob let Bill's insult pass because he didn't want to argue. Don't worry, I'll let this little incident pass.
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The European campaign to lift the siege on Gaza has published a declaration in which is states that their hope is for the Egyptian authorities to let pass the convoy through the Rafah boarder crossing underlining that "until now, the convoy has not faced any obstacles in Egypt.
And, hearing that Wedgwood, along with Waterford, was to go into administration, I could not let pass the opportunity to tell you a little about both companies.
4 : to pass or let pass or escape without being noted, used, or done <Time slipped by.
I would specifically like to thank chairman Daniel Levy for understanding, that, as a fan, joining Liverpool is a lifelong dream of mine and one I couldn't let pass me by.
The boardroom intrigue heightens the suspense hanging over Microsoft's bid since Yahoo let pass an April 26 deadline for accepting the offer.
Your Whisper staff was slow to pick up on this lawsuit, but the infighting in the North Little Rock air charter business is just too juicy to let pass.
And we should not let pass the sincerity of the utterance found in the book's epigraph ("Lord
The opportunity to become involved with the society at this key time was something I could not let pass by.
They let pass a relatively wide range of wavelengths, usually a range of reds, greens, or blues.
It can be uncomfortable to be one of a few people standing, being stared at by a hundred pairs of eyes, but some issues are too important to let pass without challenge.
Hahn's announcement came two weeks after City Council members let pass a deadline for placing a tax measure on the March ballot and nearly a month after Los Angeles County voters rejected a tax hike for public safety.
Saunders, 40, was the only candidate from Toshack and Phillipe Troussier in full-time employment, but the chance to manage Wales was too much of magnet for the ex-international to let pass him by.
For those of you who did vote and plan to vote in the presidential election, great, and for the others that didn't, what a privilege to have let pass by.
We are presented with a now-or-never opportunity which we cannot afford to let pass,'' she said.
Lewis comes from a generation of athletes - along with the likes of Kelly Holmes and Steve Backley - for whom Athens is their last chance of Olympic glory and it's not one they intend to let pass lightly.