let off

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let someone (get) off (something)

to permit someone to disembark, dismount, or leave something. Please move and let me get off the bus. Let her off!
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let someone off (easy)

 and let someone off
to release or dismiss someone without punishment. The judge didn't let me off easy. The judge let off Mary with a warning.
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let something off

to release something; to give something off. The engine let some evil smelling smoke off. The flower let off a wonderful smell.
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let off

1. Release by exploding; see blow off steam.
2. Allow to go free or escape; excuse from punishment. For example, They let her off from attending graduation, or The headmaster let him off with a reprimand. [Early 1800s] Also see off the hook.
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let off

1. To allow someone to disembark from a vehicle: My house is just down the street, but you can let me off at the corner. The bus driver let off the passengers at the terminal.
2. To excuse or pardon someone from something unpleasant, as punishment or work: I'm going to let you off this once, but if I catch you cheating again, you're going to be expelled. The police arrested the leader and let off the rest of the gang with only a warning.
3. To emit something, as heat, gas, or sound: The stove lets off a lot of heat.
4. To detonate or discharge something: The police officer let off a warning shot. We let a firecracker off in the park.
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Lashing out at the convicts, Swamy said that they are cold-blooded murderers and shouldn't be let off easily.
The council has applied to deputy Prime Minister John Prescott for permission to introduce a city-wide ban on fireworks being let off between 11pm and 7am.
He admitted one charge of vandalism and was let off with a 12-month conditional discharge.
Now it seems to be the done thing to let off fireworks at new year.
PALMDALE - Juveniles caught street racing or watching illegal street races may lose their licenses, but adults caught in the same act are let off without so much as a warning: At least that's the impression one group of racers and onlookers got.
GOLFER Colin Montgomerie yesterday was let off over a speeding charge for the third time in four years - because he claims he hates flying.
This year and last year there has been a massive public outcry about dangerous fireworks being let off all night for weeks on end around November 5.
We're really feeling like it's what we should do now that we've been let off the chain and come back out in the big world again,'' he says.
Football fan Bubble joked the two bangs may refer to the score in a match adding he hoped fireworks would be let off if England win their World Cup qualifier against Greece, the Big Brother website said.
But Scott Lambie, 17, was let off after the High Court in Edinburgh heard he had got a job and kept out of trouble after his sentence was deferred a year ago.
County Supervisor Don Knabe, a 'three strikes' advocate, said he is nervous about the policy, but he believes Cooley does not intend to let off offenders with extremely violent records.
Anyone seen letting off fireworks in a careless manner will be dealt with and will not be let off lightly.
A HUSBAND accused of locking up his newlywed wife for two days to stop her drinking was let off through lack of evidence.
Cheng let off some creative steam with a 25-track album of eclectic poetry called ``The Bamboo Parachute.
A THUG who forced two children to fight on a twisted YouTube video was yesterday let off with a police caution.