let off

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let off

1. To allow someone to disembark from a mode of transportation. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "let" and "off." Hey, let me off! This is my stop! I'll be back to the station after I let off the rest of the passengers at the next stop.
2. To pardon, release, or allow someone to escape from blame, responsibility, obligation, or difficulty. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "let" and "off." At first, Sam was suspected of stealing money from the safe, but he was let off after security camera footage showed it was someone else. I was meant to spend the weekend cleaning out the garage, but my wife let me off so I could go on the big fishing trip with my buddies.
3. To release or emit something. I called the repair guy because the furnace suddenly stopped letting off heat last night. We dove for cover when we heard someone suddenly start letting off shots.
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let someone (get) off (something)

to permit someone to disembark, dismount, or leave something. Please move and let me get off the bus. Let her off!
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let someone off (easy)

 and let someone off
to release or dismiss someone without punishment. The judge didn't let me off easy. The judge let off Mary with a warning.
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let something off

to release something; to give something off. The engine let some evil smelling smoke off. The flower let off a wonderful smell.
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let off

1. Release by exploding; see blow off steam.
2. Allow to go free or escape; excuse from punishment. For example, They let her off from attending graduation, or The headmaster let him off with a reprimand. [Early 1800s] Also see off the hook.
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let off

1. To allow someone to disembark from a vehicle: My house is just down the street, but you can let me off at the corner. The bus driver let off the passengers at the terminal.
2. To excuse or pardon someone from something unpleasant, as punishment or work: I'm going to let you off this once, but if I catch you cheating again, you're going to be expelled. The police arrested the leader and let off the rest of the gang with only a warning.
3. To emit something, as heat, gas, or sound: The stove lets off a lot of heat.
4. To detonate or discharge something: The police officer let off a warning shot. We let a firecracker off in the park.
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However, a senior Crime Branch officer has denied the allegations and claimed that around nine people were arrested by SIT sleuths and after interrogation, four, including Singh, were let off as there was not enough evidence against them.
The show was spread across 94 kilometres of Dubai's shoreline, with 500,000 fireworks let off in a dazzling display.
What good does it do for the police to arrest yobs and when they go to court they are let off with little more than a slap on the wrist?
New Delhi/Islamabad, May 25 (ANI): Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao on Tuesday expressed the Indian Government's disappointment over Jamaat-ud-Daawa (JuD) chief Hafeez Mohammed Saeed being let off by Pakistan's courts.
Either way, if men are driving you mad and you need to let off some steam, book that place on the couch and let Thelma and Louise remind you why we are the superior sex.
1 forhomes Two great magazines Our readers let off steam in print and online, plus get your eyes down for pounds 100,000 super bingo 36 LETTERS 32 CROSSWORD Puzzle it out with our pounds 100 prize crossword and catch up on wacky stories from around the globe
Never force a dog outside when fireworks are being let off, and even if your dog enjoys Bonfire Night, never let him off his lead outdoors when fireworks are being let off.
Why is it that for a really small offence the book is thrown at you, but for those involving lost lives are let off or have their sentences reduced?
Fireworks may be let off on any day until 11pm and midnight on new year's eve, bonfire night, Chinese new year and Diwali.
It is bad enough, reviewing the ineptness of the past three years, but to have a 9-11 participant, who confessed his part in the attack, to be let off the hook, so to speak, by the total incompetence, or is it arrogance, of the government lawyers.
After 40 years of toil for the same firm, a partner at a Midland accountants has at long last let off some steam.
This is based upon a conversation I had with someone from the Merseyside police call centre who informed me that there is nothing the police can do,as it is not an offence to let off fireworks.
Australia were given a massive let off in the second over of the day when Hayden was dropped by Jacques Kallis at second slip off Makhaya Ntini.
But he was let off with a one-match ban - after the Polish authorities explained they thought the word "reserved" in the Poole fixture list meant there was a reserve team match on.
Known officially as the "Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction Room," the site serves as an electronic soapbox where visitors can either deliver kudos to those companies that are doing an exceptional job, or where they can let off steam about their worst customer service experiences.