let know

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let (one) know

To tell or inform one (of or about something). Be sure to let me know if anything changes between now and then. I let the boss know about the development yesterday.
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let someone know (about something)

to tell someone something; to inform someone of something. Please let me know about it soon. Will you be coming to the picnic? Please let me know.
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Rory, from Ayr, shared his story on Facebook to let know others what he has to go through.
"Likewise, Matthew, if you're reading this then we want to let know that you are not in trouble in any way but please let us know that you're okay."
And if you our local know rtant want eir job g you enjoy it, tell your local politicians, let know why it's important and why you want them to do their job in representing you and stop the messing about that has been happening or you'll "step aside" from voting for them.
"But nonetheless, we are still outsiders, and we are let know that we are outsiders.
He said that he had just been let know that Cricket Australia wants him to come and score plenty of runs in the Ryobi Cup.
and let know all about letters to Dave Golden Echo Hall Street, 3EB or email liverpool.
They will remain nameless, but they were let know in no uncertain terms."
"When I did my first attempt he listened to it then came back with comments then we all went to his you let know house with G-Eazy and he said, 'This is the direction we are heading in'.