let it slip

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let (something) slip

To accidentally or inadvertently reveal some secret or important piece of information. I can't believe your sister let news of our engagement slip in front of your parents! The agent, under the influence of a powerful truth serum, let slip the names of other operatives working covertly in the area.
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let it slip

To accidentally or inadvertently reveal a given secret or important piece of information. We had done so well keeping our engagement a secret. I can't believe I let it slip in the middle of dinner last night!
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let it

/'er rip Informal
To allow something to start or happen with vigor or energy.
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"We were in control going into the West Ham game but let it slip. We have to win our last league game now, then see what happens.
"Whenever we were leading up to the game Brian (O'Driscoll) spoke about believing that we would get to 70 minutes and be in touch with the All Blacks and that when we were in touch we didn't let it slip away," he said.
"Always let it slip that your program is one of the chief's top priorities.
You could "accidentally" let it slip about how she's crushing on the geeky assistant swim coach or her secret fondness for playing Pretty Pretty Princess.
In the (copyrighted) words of rapper Eminem, Lawrence Lessig had one shot, one opportunity, one moment--and, Lessig admits, he let it slip. That moment came on Oct.
If you don't like what's happening to you, try and deal with it and if you can't, just try and let it slip away.
``Tiger played well this morning, he let it slip a bit this afternoon,'' said Strange.
LET IT SLIP, surprise 10-1 but worthy winner of the Regal All England Cup final over 480 metres at Brough Park on Tuesday, is likely to enjoy a short rest before embarking on an autumn campaign where the Nottingham Eclipse is a probable major target, writes Jonathan Kay.
Mullins revealed that one of the reasons behind Let It Slip's success may have been a change of routine.
Insisting the Port Authority would not release the names of the chosen, Allen Morrison, a spokesman for the Port Authority, said "All of our potential bidders have signed a confidentiality agreement, and we do not want to violate it, though I understand some have already let it slip."
"It's been a brilliant season for the whole team and we definitely want to get up there into Premiership Two - we've got some difficult games to come away from home, but I don't think we'll let it slip now."
"We've worked so hard to put ourselves in this position but it's so easy to let it slip.
Say, "Grandpa let it slip that you two had previous marriages.
"We had a good lead a couple of seasons ago and let it slip and until you've got the medal it's all to play for."