let (one) know

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let (one) know

To tell or inform one (of or about something). Be sure to let me know if anything changes between now and then. I let the boss know about the development yesterday.
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let someone know (about something)

to tell someone something; to inform someone of something. Please let me know about it soon. Will you be coming to the picnic? Please let me know.
See also: know, let
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let somebody ˈknow

tell somebody about something: I don’t know if I can come, but I’ll let you know soon.Let me know how I can help.
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References in classic literature ?
I understood him in many things, and let him know I was very well pleased with him.
I found Friday had still a hankering stomach after some of the flesh, and was still a cannibal in his nature; but I showed so much abhorrence at the very thoughts of it, and at the least appearance of it, that he durst not discover it: for I had, by some means, let him know that I would kill him if he offered it.
I had taken care all this while to preserve a correspondence with my honest friend at the bank, or rather he took care to correspond with me, for he wrote to me once a week; and though I had not spent my money so fast as to want any from him, yet I often wrote also to let him know I was alive.
"That is, I won't let him know that I know," said Ned to himself, "though he is probably as well aware of the situation as I am.
Therefore he desired I would let him know, "what these costly meats were, and how any of us happened to want them?" Whereupon I enumerated as many sorts as came into my head, with the various methods of dressing them, which could not be done without sending vessels by sea to every part of the world, as well for liquors to drink as for sauces and innumerable other conveniences.
And because I had some skill in the faculty, I would, in gratitude to his honour, let him know the whole mystery and method by which they proceed.
"We all just want to let him know how loved he is and how much we care about him.
I am sorry to let you know that I have not seen Tommy Gates for a long time but as soon as I do I will let him know what you told me.
Do something special to let him know he's your main guy--before his warm feelings for you go cold.
In the end it was Miller, but Grosso was on it and the crowd sure let him know. He would hit it, quit it, and get out.
Let him know you appreciate it but that for you less is probably more, especially in bed.
If a problem arises at another school on your itinerary or you are running late, make sure to call the coach and let him know. Upon returning to your office, write him an apology.
Let him know, and Dan will be happy to take the steps that might be needed to deliver the news.
I decided it was time to call Bill Clinton, to let him know how I was feeling.
Let him know an occasional kind word goes a long way.