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Neither is it easily sourced on a budget, so it's up to Kirstie to let him down gently and offer up some alternatives.
How does she let him down gently because she's fallen for personal trainer Kal?
Sidebottom, always a polite interviewee, let him down gently. "I'm a bit disappointed I suppose," he said.
She had done nothing to provoke Bristol but was clearly someone "who would not want in any way to hurt his feelings and was very concerned to let him down gently".
Don't listen to your friends, listen to your heart - and your body - and if it's not working then let him down gently and move on.
So what does she do, let him down gently? Oh no, she enlists Sid's help, so that Robert will find them together and leave her alone.
Be brave and don't candycoat your words; but also let him down gently.
If it's not working let him down gently and move on.
She tried to let him down gently, but he became bitter and unpleasant as he turned to alcohol.
As he's asked me over a text, I feel fully justified to let him down gently by text.
Producer Jane Brown said: ``I had to let him down gently,he was so upset, but it's a very rough and tumble part so we couldn't risk letting him carry on.''
But you sound too shallow for that, so let him down gently at least?
Trying to let him down gently, she sighed: "You're my best friend and you do make me happy." Happy?