let (someone or something) loose

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let (someone or something) loose

To make free or give up control of something or someone; to release or discharge something or someone, as from confinement. Due to a lack of evidence, the suspects were let loose by police. Samantha was suspended for letting mice loose throughout the school.
See also: let, loose

let loose

(with something) Go to let go (with something).
See also: let, loose

let ˈloose

(British English) (American English cut ˈloose) (informal) do something or happen in a way that is not controlled: Teenagers need a place to let loose.
See also: let, loose
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It's as if someone has let her loose in the dressing up box and then allowed her out onto the red carpet.
She wanted to run for me so I let her loose and the rest is history.
We let her loose in the department store to find her favourite girly outfits.
William Hague has let her loose and she is laying waste the party she led for so long.
But let her loose with the crayons and a pot of Vaseline, and she's ready for owt.