let go of

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let go of someone or something

to release someone or something. Please let go of me! Don't let go of the steering wheel.
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1 Take a moment to reflect on all of the things in your life you have already let go of.
The victim's niece pushed him with both hands, he would not let go of the bags, and she bit him on the arm.
It only seemed like yesterday that you left our home and went on your way Be strong my son and face your fears and you'll be ready for the joys the laughs and the tears And alas the time has come and I can't let go of your hand my beautiful son Geraldine Costello, via email
Let go of your possessions, challenged Jesus; give them to the poor and Come follow me, unencumbered and free.
You can let go of the worry, you can let go of negative thinking, you can let go of your need for the shoes to match that bag, but you can't let go of action to help you deal with the situation.
Washington, June 23 (ANI): It seems Jennifer Aniston is not ready to let go of ex-lover John Mayer.
I think I startled these retreat participants when I suggested the obvious: Let go of the forced happiness of Easter, and help your people to acknowledge the losses and sorrowing of the Easter event as they try to square their faith with their own losses and sorrows.
If so, I think that you should let go of whatever this is and give up the struggle as it will weaken you to continue in this way.
One of the questions of today's Gospel text is this: How does the weeping of four poor campesinos, who cannot even buy medicine for their children when they are sick, connect to the weeping of the rich man in the story who can't let go of his possessions?
You let go of habitual holding patterns and ways of thinking in order to let something new happen.
Let go of that nagging feeling that something could go wrong.
Still, there is something bracing about a 74-year-old scholar who cannot let go of the God he thinks has let go of him.
The man then let go of Emily before getting back into his vehicle and driving off.
Think of an incident or person you want to forgive or accept or let go of, but up until now have not been able to: a disagreement with your partner, someone being rude to you, an altercation with your child, a frustrating interaction with a coworker.