let fly with

let fly with (something)

1. To throw something very quickly and suddenly. I had just given an admittedly snide retort when he let fly with a punch to my head! The audience began letting fly with all manner of garbage and refuse as they booed the unfortunate singer off the stage.
2. To give a very quick or sudden response, especially some critical or sarcastic remark. The student let fly with a comment about the teacher's wife, which landed him straight in the principal's office. The comedian, known for her sharp, merciless wit, let fly with a torrent of off-the-cuff jabs at the host of the show.
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let fly with something

Fig. to throw or thrust something, such as a rock, ball, punch, etc. The pitcher wound up and let fly with a strike—right over the plate. Max let fly with a blow to Lefty's chin.
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References in classic literature ?
With the shield slipped well up on my left arm I let fly with another arrow, which brought down a second Sagoth, and then as his fellow's hatchet sped toward me I caught it upon the shield, and fitted another shaft for him; but he did not wait to receive it.
Holding his weight by his arms, and in mid-air doubling his body at the hips, he let fly with both feet.
"Then Jove let fly with his thunderbolts, and the ship went round and round, and was filled with fire and brimstone as the lightning struck it.
City were heading for a frustrating evening at the Etihad Stadium on Monday until Kompany let fly with a 25-yard shot into the top corner 20 minutes from time the centre-back's first City goal from outside the box.
Dane Massey let fly with a half-volley that keeper Ciaran Gallagher did brilliantly to push away but the ball cannoned off the face of Benson and flew into the net.
The rest of the half belonged to the home side with Omari Sterling-James having an effort blocked before Eddie Jones let fly with a powerful 25-yard drive that Dover keeer Mitchell Walker scooped over the bar.
Soon afterwards, Addison let fly with a shot which was swinging towards the bottom corner, but Towart was again equal to it.
The visitors took the lead in the fifth minute when Hamza Bencherif collected a pass from Alan Judge and let fly with an unstoppable 30-yard drive.
After an even opening, Sphinx were awarded a 40th-minute free-kick some 22 yards out and Stevenson let fly with a ferocious shot that gave visiting keeper Karl Lewis no chance.
Bayern should have extended their lead moments later, but Lloris pulled off a fantastic stop to deny Robben before Jean Makoun's challenge stole the ball off Olic as he was about to let fly with his hat-trick in his sights.
He crossed for Ki to let fly with a fierce first-time shot from just outside the area.
Orient failed to deal with Andy Liddell's corner and Mark Allott let fly with an explosive shot.
Neville let fly with a verbal attack after his wild celebrations at Rio Ferdinand's late winner against Liverpool at Old Trafford landed him with a pounds 5,000 fine and a warning about his future conduct from the FA yesterday.
The Manchester United captain let fly with a verbal attack every bit as passionate as his wild celebrations at Rio Ferdinand's late winner against Liverpool at Old Trafford last month which have landed him with a pounds 5,000 fine and a warning about future conduct.
The winner came after 75 minutes when Evans let fly with a cracking shot from the edge of the penalty area.