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But when she let down her hair, which she did now and then, for she was vain of it, you saw that it was long and dark and curly; and her eyes had remained young and vivacious.
Then he went into the field, and hid himself in a bush by the meadow's side; and he soon saw with his own eyes how they drove the flock of geese; and how, after a little time, she let down her hair that glittered in the sun.
She was going to let down her hair, and make herself look like that picture of a lady in Miss Lydia Donnithorne's dressing-room.
Her break last week saw the Dubliner let down her hair and show off the body which so captivated fellow I'm A Celebrity contestant Jake Quikenden.
After being cooped up in The Apprentice house for weeks she was determined to let down her hair and lots more besides.
Well, it's time for Mrs Pawson to let down her hair, bring out the memorabilia and objets d'art and even experiment with splashes of colour and a splurge of pattern.
It's a picturesque village, clinging to the rocky sides of a valley and there's a ruinedRenaissance castle where our imaginations took flight and we wondered from which window Rapunzel might have let down her hair.
But he can still cut the mustard as a leading man - when he gets Miss Jones to let down her hair.
The Miss Moneypenny of the fashion world has decided to let down her hair and take off her glasses and prove that underneath that prim exterior lurks a garment bursting with vamp potential.
All that was necessary was for her daughter to undo her braids and let down her hair for the whole house to be bathed in golden light.
When Rapunzel let down her hair for the prince to climb up, she had no clue that a genetic defect probably lay at the root of her golden locks.
When I expressed surprise, she let down her hair and said, "You should hear these guys.