let down

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Something that is disappointing, usually because it did not meet one's high expectations about it. Not getting tickets to the game after my aunt promised them to us is a real letdown. Sue was really excited about her new position, but now that's she's in it, it seems to be a letdown.

let someone or something down

Fig. to fail someone or something; to disappoint someone or a group. Please don't let me down. I am depending on you. I let down the entire cast of the play.
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let someone down

to disappoint someone; to fail someone. I'm sorry I let you down. Something came up, and I couldn't meet you. I don't want to let you down, but I can't support you in the election.
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let down

to relax one's efforts or vigilance. Now is no time to let down. Keep on your guard. After the contest was over, Jane let down a bit so she could relax.
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let down

1. Cause to descend, lower, as in They let down the sails. [Mid-1100s]
2. Also, let up. Slacken, abate, as in Sales are letting down in this quarter, or They didn't let up in their efforts until the end. The first term dates from the mid-1800s, the variant from the late 1700s.
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let down

1. To cause to fall to a lower level; lower something: The tailor let down the hem of my new pants. If you let your hair down, I can braid it. It's time to let down the sails.
2. To fail to meet the expectations of someone; disappoint someone: The contractor really let us down when the kitchen wasn't ready in time for Thanksgiving. When the school board had to cancel the sports program, they really let down the community.
3. To hinder the success or progress of someone or something: It would have been a good book, but the slow pacing lets it down a bit.
4. To be released from the breast as breast milk: She tried to breastfeed her newborn infant, but her milk wouldn't let down.
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She has been really brave to have him prosecuted and now she is being let down again and it is horrifying.
I felt for the people who were let down and wanted to show them that not all venues were like that.
I feel totally let down by both the NHS and Wirral Social Services.
He's let down himself, he's let down his team-mates and he's let down the supporters.
Asked if he felt personally let down by Campbell's decision, County's director of football said: "Yes, a little bit, but I think everybody has the same feeling - the players, the coaching staff, the directors and the fans because he is a big football name and a very important player.
I WONDER how many other people felt let down by the Scott May stunt show.
Ms Kalam said, 'I am deeply disgusted by this report; I feel we've been let down by the IPCC as well as the police.
Why don't the council keep their big ideas to themselves until approved; that way this so called Capital of Culture and people in it won't be let down any more
Mavis's family said yesterday: "We feel totally let down.
Mr O'Hara added: "This action plan should ensure that in the future no constituent of mine will be let down like Michael Abram by failures of clinical governance.
And he hopes to fill the vacuum left by New Labour, convinced that traditional supporters feel let down by the Blair Government.
They have let down the 300 workers at Ferguson's in Port Glasgow - and they have let down Scotland.
Sad Prince Charles has admitted he's let down Diana, his children, the Queen and lover Camilla Parker Bowles.
A MOTHER and her son shot dead by her husband were let down by poor policing standards, a review into their deaths said yesterday.
Yet people are being let down and the First Division looks as far away as ever.