let down

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let (one) down

To fail or disappoint one; to neglect or be unable to do what was wanted, required, or promised. Dad said he'd be here to watch my baseball game, but he let me down again. I'm counting on you to close this deal, Robert—don't let me down. Jenny always felt pressure not to let down her parents in her studies.
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Something that is disappointing, usually because it did not meet one's high expectations about it. Not getting tickets to the game after my aunt promised them to us is a real letdown. Sue was really excited about her new position, but now that's she's in it, it seems to be a letdown.

let someone or something down

Fig. to fail someone or something; to disappoint someone or a group. Please don't let me down. I am depending on you. I let down the entire cast of the play.
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let someone down

to disappoint someone; to fail someone. I'm sorry I let you down. Something came up, and I couldn't meet you. I don't want to let you down, but I can't support you in the election.
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let down

to relax one's efforts or vigilance. Now is no time to let down. Keep on your guard. After the contest was over, Jane let down a bit so she could relax.
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let down

1. Cause to descend, lower, as in They let down the sails. [Mid-1100s]
2. Also, let up. Slacken, abate, as in Sales are letting down in this quarter, or They didn't let up in their efforts until the end. The first term dates from the mid-1800s, the variant from the late 1700s.
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let down

1. To cause to fall to a lower level; lower something: The tailor let down the hem of my new pants. If you let your hair down, I can braid it. It's time to let down the sails.
2. To fail to meet the expectations of someone; disappoint someone: The contractor really let us down when the kitchen wasn't ready in time for Thanksgiving. When the school board had to cancel the sports program, they really let down the community.
3. To hinder the success or progress of someone or something: It would have been a good book, but the slow pacing lets it down a bit.
4. To be released from the breast as breast milk: She tried to breastfeed her newborn infant, but her milk wouldn't let down.
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"I think me and my family were let down very badly.
"Staff at Frankland and elsewhere across the prison service will feel let down, dismayed and humiliated by a part of the criminal justice system in which they serve.
Analysis of Department of Transport statistics by AA Driving School reveals that female learners are let down by basic skills such as reversing and turning in the road, with 40 per cent more women failing their test attempting these manoeuvres.
They told her to shut the business down and gave her a substantial amount of cash to refund customers she has let down. They are shocked this is still going on."
"Because after the vote, young people spoke out expressing fear, disgust and a feeling of being let down by the older generations."
They were let down in Afghanistan and let down in Iraq, boots that fell apart in the desert and filters that clogged up in the sand.
In a victim impact statement read to the court, Ms Maitlis, who was not present, said: "When I heard that Edward Vines had breached his restraining order I felt scared and let down.
DISABLED groups claim wheelchair users are being let down by the Government as it stalls on its promise to make stations step-free.
e demonstration will see supporters voice the message that they feel let down by those responsible for their respective situations.
PEOPLE with allergies are being let down by a lack of information and help, claims charity Allergy UK.
Summary: Teenagers have been let down by an exams system that is abused by teachers who are under pressure to achieve good grades, Ofqual says.
In a statement released by Aston Villa after today's hearing, Scottish international Bannan said: "I am very conscious of the fact that I have let down a lot of people by my actions, which I deeply regret.
rolling "I've let down my family, I've let down Martin Johnson (England manager) and I've let down the people of England.
John Miller, 59, from Washington, Tyne and Wear, said his son, Corporal Simon Miller, 21, had been "let down".
I'd let down myself, I'd let down the other blokes in the team, but I'd let him down because he was our leader.