let at

let (one) at (someone or something)

1. To allow one to have access to someone or something. Let me at the control panel, and I'll try to see what's causing the problem.
2. To allow one to attack someone or something. Let me at him, let me at him! I'll tear him limb from limb!
See also: let

let someone or something at someone or something

to permit someone or something to attack or get at someone or something. He did that? Just let me at him! Let the committee at her, then she'll change her tune.
See also: let
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Sometimes these propositions include a guaranteed rent but the public should be aware that these guarantees are no more than a delayed discount and no real guarantee of the rent that can be achieved, or that the property can be let at all."
Only letting agents can make a long-term commitment to assist the investor, since it is only by keeping a property let at market rents that these agents can earn their own return.