let alone

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let someone or something alone

 and leave someone or something alone; leave someone or something be
to avoid touching, bothering, or communicating with someone or something. Leave me alone. I don't want your help. Let it alone! Don't touch it! It may be hot!
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let alone someone or something

not to mention or think of someone or something; not even to take someone or something into account. (Fixed order.) Do I have a dollar? I don't even have a dime, let alone a dollar. I didn't invite John, let alone the rest of his family.
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let alone

2. Not to mention, as in We have no room for another house guest, let alone an entire family. [c. 1800]
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let aˈlone

used after a statement to emphasize that because the first thing is not true or possible, the next thing cannot be true or possible either: I wouldn’t speak to him, let alone trust him or lend him money.She didn’t even apologize, let alone offer to pay for the damage.
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let alone

Not to mention; much less: "Their ancestors had been dirt poor and never saw royalty, let alone hung around with them" (Garrison Keillor).
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After reviewing the deposition testimony of everyone involved in the alleged incident, the Magistrate ruled, "There is no allegation, let alone evidence, that any member of the Tracey family has been assaulted, threatened or harassed.
And too little because a two-person outfit couldn't possibly meet the needs of a city that's teeming with immigrants - both legal and illegal - let alone mitigate the social, economic and environmental impacts.
Osbourne confesses she never imagined juggling a family and a career, let alone merging the two, she cannot envision her success without her husband.
But, then, very few people ever looked at the seal, let alone got angry about it, before Yaroslavsky and fellow supervisors agreed to demands by the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California to remove a cross from it.
here, let alone foreign ministers, and hopefully Minister Wu's presence at PTC2002 along with that of South Korean Minister Yang will encourage more top-level government officials to come here in the future.
But it was more than numbers for the Vikings, who made few mistakes and left nothing missing in effort in the kind of a lop-sided win rarely seen this deep in the playoffs - let alone against a powerhouse program that has produced four section champions, 33 all-section players and sent 37 players into the college ranks.
In a city where elected officials can't always be counted on to take a stand, let alone a principled one, this makes for a remarkable turn of events.
The limited pool of security-skilled developers can't keep up with sheer volume of security holes left in code, let alone defend against new vulnerabilities.
He regarded Hezbollah's veiled threat against Bahrain as a trespassing of what he termed as redlines let alone ongoing party's war by proxy in the conflicts of Syria, Yemen and Iraq as he said.
Mounting scandals, gaffes and outrages paint a picture of an upstart protest movement that tapped into public anger, yet is fundamentally incapable of emptying a council dustbin, let alone running a country.
Any suggestion we might go to the movies, let alone have a day trip to Llandudno, has been met with a look of horror from the 16-year-old.
London, Mar 9 ( ANI ): Former England one-day captain Paul Collingwood has admitted that he would not have had the necessary X-factor to get into Scotland's cricket team, let alone England's if he had been playing now.
I CAN'T sympathise with any retail outfit (or any other type of business) which has form when adopting a recruitment policy where unpaid staff work are on a "zero hours contract" - told to turn up when and where, being told what to do, how to do it, when to do it by supervisors - and expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab, but fail to pay salary, let alone tax and national insurance.
Anyone who sees fit to appoint Young for seven years followed by Burnell/Baber, let alone Davies, needs to seriously look in the mirror.
Assistant manager Liam O'Neill was delighted with the defender's latest addition to his scoring tally, saying: "I'm not quite sure Liam can believe the amount of goals he's getting - let alone me or Paul Holleran - but long may it continue.