lend (one's) name to (something)

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lend (one's) name to (something)

To give one's formal and public support to something; to allow oneself or one's name to be associated with something. Now that we've got a big movie star lending his name to our campaign, we're finally starting to get the traction we've wanted.
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lend your name to something

allow yourself to be publicly associated with something.
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lend your ˈname to something

(formal) let it be known in public that you support or agree with something: Famous actors sometimes lend their names to political causes.
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References in classic literature ?
There were a number of hangers-on and outsiders about the Commons, who, without being proctors themselves, dabbled in common-form business, and got it done by real proctors, who lent their names in consideration of a share in the spoil; - and there were a good many of these too.
The following have lent their name in saying they support autism awareness, if you wish to be added to the list, please contact Maury Brown (http://businessofsportsnetwork.com/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1%3Amaury-brown&catid=12%3Acontacts&Itemid=53), president of the Business of Sports Network, for more details.
But the most poignant award was Autocar's Idea of the Year, which went to the McRae Enduro, a "supercar for the desert" to which the McRae family of rally champions - including the late 1995 WRC title winner Colin - have lent their name.
TV chefs Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Antony Worrall Thompson have all lent their name to products on sale in shops.
"Les Dieux de la Nuit" (The gods of the night), who have lent their name to this exhibition, inhabit the sacred trees of Senegal, the prehistoric menhirs of Brittany, the cliffs of Normandy, the amphitheaters of Naples, the palaces of China, the temples of India.
Stars including Robert Sheehan and Saoirse Ronan were also among the 271 who lent their names to the petition, which followed a separate campaign led by singer Imelda May earlier this month.
But 10 have licensing programs, or have lent their names to products via some other brand-extension technique.
MANIC Street Preachers have apparently lent their names to a new petition to save comedy series Bellamy's People.
Any number of once-famous military men have lent their names and mounted likenesses to parks that now mostly offer relaxation to bicycle messengers and to traffic circles more likely to inspire bursts of cursing than shows of admiration.
Authors that have lent their names to the project include Dorothy Allison, Michael Ondaatje, Tim O'Brien, Sara Paretsky, Steve Martin, Robert Bly, Maxine Hong Kingston, Rita Dove and Amy Bloom.
A number of clubs have already lent their names to financial products such as savings accounts and credit cards.