lend itself to (something)

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lend itself to (something)

To be suited for something, especially some kind of purpose or use. This fabric really lends itself to evening wear. The chefs are always looking for versatile ingredients that lend themselves to many dishes.
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lend oneself or itself to something

Fig. [for someone or something] to be adaptable to something; [for someone or something] to be useful for something. This room doesn't lend itself to bright colors. John doesn't lend himself to casual conversation. I don't think that this gown lends itself to outdoor occasions.
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lend something to someone

to make a loan of something to someone. Never lend money to a friend. Would you be able to lend your coat to Fred?
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lend itself to

Adapt to, be suitable for. For example, The Bible lends itself to numerous interpretations, or This plot of land lends itself to a variety of uses. [Mid-1800s]
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lend (itself) to

To accommodate or offer itself to; be suitable for: "The presidency does not lend itself to on the job training" (Joe Biden).
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Summary: New Delhi [India], August 24 (ANI): The phenomenon of social media obsession has lent itself to many a stories and now it lends itself to a full-fledged thriller titled 'Social'.
Leg or shoulder of lamb lends itself to a Sunday roast with a difference
Owner Stuart Insall said: "This place really lends itself to Art Deco.
"If you look at the evolution of most destinations that gain critical mass, it lends itself to present opportunities for different offers and different products, which lend itself to different airlines," he said
According to Combs and the company, the new vodkas have a smooth flavor profile that lends itself to consumption in a cocktail or on the rocks.
This confinement lends itself to subtle movements, making the details of the dancers' motion more poignant.
The simplicity of the design lends itself to being retrofitted to existing roll stand installations.
The building land marked in 1981 and taken out of service by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection in 1989 when the water system was rerouted lends itself to reverence.
This section in particular lends itself to educational or sermon series.
Birds of Shenandoah National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a convenient, full-color field guide that lends itself to easy use by amateur birdwatchers and professional researchers alike.
The topography of the landscape lends itself to this kind of development in that the development will probably be hidden from view by the mountains and only visible from the sea.
Earthen building, if designed well, can reduce mold and moisture issues in our wet climate, and it lends itself to beautiful, customized one-of-a-kind creations.
That technology lends itself to practical applications because it reties on silicon processed by standard manufacturing methods.
The material also lends itself to putting in invisible features to help prevent counterfeiting.
His pleasant, even-toned, unvoiced rendition evokes the idea of a well-prepared, knowledgeable lecturer and lends itself to note taking.