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He suggests another way to avoid collateral reinvestment risk: adopting an intrinsic value approach, in which the plan sponsor lends out only the most sought-after securities.
Of' the respondents who sponsored defined-benefit plans, 64% said they were considering moving from funds that lend securities to funds that don't lend.
The so-called social lending website enables people to borrow from or lend to each other, side-stepping banks.
Individuals who want to lend money to a particular consumer can bid on the listing, stating how much they would be prepared to lend.
One commenter disagreed with a statement in the application that SouthTrust has a policy not to lend to payday lenders, pawnshops, and other "money service businesses" ("MSBs").
Determine what percentage of the collateral's value the bank is willing to lend against.
If the lender does not have a longstanding relationship with the borrower, he should gain insight into the borrower's character and business before committing to lend. Other construction lenders, long-term lenders, bonding companies, contractors, and other professionals are good sources of information on the borrower's capabilities.
While Vermont National doesn't exclusively make environmental loans, the director of its socially responsible banking division, David Berge, points out that most of the money it lends has all environmentally positive impact.
* Also in 1973, the REA got the authority to fully guarantee loans made to electric and telephone borrowers by the Federal Financing Bank (which lends money at a rate barely above cost) and by private sources.
This decline followed an extended period of rapid growth and lends credence to the many anecdotal stories of credit restraint in that area.
The bank, created by a Congressional charter in 1987, lends only to cooperative businesses.