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Certainly, if falling in love had been at all in question, it would have been quite safe with a creature like this Miss Vincy, who had just the kind of intelligence one would desire in a woman-- polished, refined, docile, lending itself to finish in all the delicacies of life, and enshrined in a body which expressed this with a force of demonstration that excluded the need for other evidence.
Loosely based on ``The Thunderbirds,'' a British hit of the '60s, ``The Super Adventure Team,'' which premieres at 10:30 tonight on MTV, is also played out by marionettes, lending itself to an interesting and rich look with plenty of special effects.
Sequestration is supported by coal gasification technologies, which can deliver a relatively pure stream of carbon dioxide, lending itself to capture and storage.
Built from the ground up with flexibility and scalability in mind, Radeon Xpress 200 offers full support for AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors, lending itself to maximum end-user investment protection.
Stephane Solis, President & CEO, indicated: "Contrary to competing products mostly based on cellular technology and carrying the burden of costly monthly network fees, our vision for the TRACKING MANAGER is to supply the market with a reliable, efficient product not subject to monthly network fees, at a price point lending itself to wide distribution.
Commenting on the use of the GE Silicone material in the Integral antenna, Tom Aisenbrey, general manager of Integral said, "Some of the characteristics that make this an ideal material for the composite antenna are: 1/ its environmental characteristics 2/ its multitude of durometer and 3/ its process manufacturing, lending itself to many other useful applications.