lend an ear (to one)

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lend an ear (to one)

To listen to one, especially when they are discussing a problem. Sorry I'm late, I had to lend an ear to Jane. She's been going through a lot lately. Thank you for lending an ear, I feel much better now that I've gotten that off my chest. Please lend an ear to Ian, who will be giving us an update about the last quarter.
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lend an ear to someone or something

 and lend your ear to someone or something
Fig. to listen to someone or what someone has to say. Lend an ear to me and I will tell you a story. Lend your ear to what I am saying.
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lend an ear


lend a sympathetic ear

If you lend an ear or lend a sympathetic ear to someone or their problems, you listen to them carefully and with concern. My mother was always willing to lend an ear and offer what advice she could. My colleagues lent a sympathetic ear to my complaints but could do nothing to help.
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lend an ear (or your ears)

listen to someone sympathetically or attentively.
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lend an ˈear (to somebody/something)

listen to what somebody is telling you: He’s a good friend. He’s always ready to lend a sympathetic ear.
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Seven years in nursing had honed her medical skills, but the best medicine was often lending an ear, a balm for frayed psyches.
The next is the quality of lending an ear when someone is speaking.
August 2000), many thought he would move on, lending an ear and his expertise when needed.
LENDING AN EAR Trisha Goddard at Newcastle's newly opened city library
In 1985, People's Kitchen founder, Alison Kay, started offering food and lending an ear to the homeless and needy from her own home.
What worries me is that Swansea's current chairman Huw Jenkins has a reputation for lending an ear to them.