lend (something) to (one)

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lend (something) to (one)

To allow one to borrow or make use of something temporarily. I can lend $20 to you, but I'll need it back by this weekend. Would you mind lending your pencil to me? I forgot to bring one. The bank agreed to lend the money for the refurbishments to our company.
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lend something to someone

to make a loan of something to someone. Never lend money to a friend. Would you be able to lend your coat to Fred?
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lend (itself) to

To accommodate or offer itself to; be suitable for: "The presidency does not lend itself to on the job training" (Joe Biden).
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A speciality finance company, Owl Rock Capital will lend to US middle-market companies and as of 31 March 2019 it had investments in 81 portfolio companies with a total fair value of USD6.8bn.
The rules propose limiting the amount of money foreign parent companies can lend to US subsidiaries, and also temporarily limit the contribution of recent acquisitions of American companies to the foreign ownership hurdle needed for a transaction to meet the requirements for an inversion.
If Scotland reneges on our debts, no one decent will lend to us.
Anything they would like to share or lend to us will be properly taken care of and returned at the end of the events.
Emma Hallington, marketing manager for The Cycle Hub and Saddle Skedaddle, said: "In many ways, being a social enterprise is just like being any type of business, but it can be difficult for traditional lenders to see that our aims go beyond just profit, and so they are sometimes wary to lend to us."
He said Labour's plans would "push the cost of borrowing higher and higher, the deficit would spiral and the world community would not lend to us - but at the highest rates possible", leaving the UK like Spain or Italy.
We counted ourselves lucky to be able to gain funding through the relationship that Massage Envy has with FAE Given that we are completely self-employed and don't have significant personal funds to rely upon, we have found both small and large banks are unwilling to lend to us. Access to credit continues to be challenging for us and other franchisees like us."
"We have six or seven banks which lend to us but our experience has been positive.
"Many of the banks just won't lend to us because it's our first development, but we have found an excellent location with superb views across open countryside and after a lot of hard work we have raised the necessary funding through equity and a bridging loan."
Chief executive Steve Smith said: "There is no problem in banks' willingness to lend to us. The problem is, it just costs more.
There's no theory in economics that says if the United States owns foreign equities and the foreigners who lend to us buy T-bills, we will earn the same rate of return.
``We just want to appeal to anyone out there who may have access to a bouncy castle that they could lend to us,'' she said.
There is an air of stability that familiar trappings lend to us. Many (even those of us just blocks from Ground Zero) still get to go to the same job in pretty much the same way.
"Banks don't lend to us easily," says Ladislao Morales, whose business operates in the informal economy.
"The banks won't lend to us and advised to go to other sources like the Black Country Reinvestment Society but they wanted to charge us 12 per cent above base rate.