lend (oneself) to (something)

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lend (oneself) to (something)

To give one's talent, skills, or effort to assist in some task, project, endeavor, etc. The famous actor is lending herself to the charity drive, promising to match the total amount donated dollar for dollar. I've lent myself to a new TV show as a writing consultant.
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lend oneself or itself to something

Fig. [for someone or something] to be adaptable to something; [for someone or something] to be useful for something. This room doesn't lend itself to bright colors. John doesn't lend himself to casual conversation. I don't think that this gown lends itself to outdoor occasions.
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lend something to someone

to make a loan of something to someone. Never lend money to a friend. Would you be able to lend your coat to Fred?
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lend (itself) to

To accommodate or offer itself to; be suitable for: "The presidency does not lend itself to on the job training" (Joe Biden).
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References in classic literature ?
Such simple things as these are too slight, moreover, to build into a system; there is nothing wonderful about them, they do not lend themselves to theories; it is their misfortune to be merely practically useful.
He was smiling all the time, but his deep-set eyes did not lend themselves to the expression of whimsical politeness which he tried to achieve.
In the second place, much of our thinking is concerned with abstract matters which do not readily lend themselves to imagery, and are apt to be falsely conceived if we insist upon finding images that may be supposed to represent them.
We contribute by sharing columns from our wildlife experts, pictures from our talented photographers and other animal stories that lend themselves to this page.
To the ground floor is an entrance lobby, entrance hall, two large reception rooms which lend themselves to lounge and dining room space, and a breakfast room with Aga and fitted kitchen.
Some sports lend themselves to computer simulations (golf ) while others never quite translate in digital form (rugby).
While some travelers seek destinations that lend themselves to great photos for social media sharing, Mack said, others seek stress-relieving travel and tech-free vacations.
It doesn't matter if you prefer to get spirited away on Halloween and parade around in spooky costumes, or torch the sky with fireworks and rockets on Guy Fawkes night, both lend themselves to a measure of trickery and intrigue.
They all lend themselves to comparison, with Cobb's edgy, acoustic guitar-driven folk-rock bent, his grounded accessibility and his gravely voice.
I urge the people of Wirral not to lend themselves to this flawed process, but to make known to their councillors their opposition to job losses and cuts in vital services.
Mr Bramley said: "The high walls lend themselves to hanging space, which is why we felt a community gallery would be well placed at the clinic."
Still, some classes lend themselves to the classics.
The purpose of this new program, the Research and Research Infrastructure "Grand Opportunities" (GO), is to support high impact ideas that lend themselves to short-term funding and may lay the foundation for new fields of scientific inquiry.
Coleman's installations, pairing slide projection with synchronized audio, don't lend themselves to easy categorization.