lend (one's) name to (something)

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lend (one's) name to (something)

To give one's formal and public support to something; to allow oneself or one's name to be associated with something. Now that we've got a big movie star lending his name to our campaign, we're finally starting to get the traction we've wanted.
See also: lend, name

lend your name to something

allow yourself to be publicly associated with something.
See also: lend, name, something

lend your ˈname to something

(formal) let it be known in public that you support or agree with something: Famous actors sometimes lend their names to political causes.
See also: lend, name, something
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It does look like pure Pacha cash in as they lend their name to everything going.
Rather than being a committee of figureheads who just lend their name to a committee that has little purpose, BAC's help identify job availability, the necessary job skills, and actual training needs that will meet the needs of business.
Hearts intend to lend their name to an existing women's team, Guilliano's, who are jointly sponsored by an Edinburgh restaurant and Arniston Rangers junior football club.