lend (one's) name to (something)

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lend (one's) name to (something)

To give one's formal and public support to something. Now that we've got a big movie star lending his name to our campaign, we're finally starting to get the traction we've wanted.
See also: lend, name

lend your name to something

allow yourself to be publicly associated with something.
See also: lend, name, something

lend your ˈname to something

(formal) let it be known in public that you support or agree with something: Famous actors sometimes lend their names to political causes.
See also: lend, name, something
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The catwalk queen, who created and hosts the hit reality television show 'America's Next Top Model', further said that even lucrative offers could not tempt her to lend her name to fashion, perfume or beauty products.
In fact, she said she drew on her experience with Lancome in the four years she helped design and test the new products, which she did not merely lend her name to.