lend an ear to

lend an ear (to one)

To listen to one, especially when they are discussing a problem. Sorry I'm late, I had to lend an ear to Jane. She's been going through a lot lately. Thank you for lending an ear, I feel much better now that I've gotten that off my chest. Please lend an ear to Ian, who will be giving us an update about the last quarter.
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lend an ear to someone or something

 and lend your ear to someone or something
Fig. to listen to someone or what someone has to say. Lend an ear to me and I will tell you a story. Lend your ear to what I am saying.
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References in classic literature ?
Already the others had begun to lend an ear to this encouragement and were coming a little to themselves, when the same voice broke out again--not this time singing, but in a faint distant hail that echoed yet fainter among the clefts of the Spy-glass.
"Do what you feel is right; obey me, and even in the sloughs of want I will plant for you firm footing." And then, as I walked fast along the road, there rose upon me a strange, inly-felt idea of some Great Being, unseen, but all present, who in His beneficence desired only my welfare, and now watched the struggle of good sad evil in my heart, and waited to see whether I should obey His voice, heard in the whispers of my conscience, or lend an ear to the sophisms by which His enemy and mine--the Spirit of Evil --sought to lead me astray.
Karithi is known to lend an ear to Kiraitu, hence a clash between the two is seen as one between the senator and the governor.
Always eager to offer a cup of tea or a glass of whisky, she would lend an ear to those who wanted it or otherwise crack a joke.
Bukhari said that those levelling allegations on others should also had patience to lend an ear to truth.
Lend an ear to the Tribu performers of the Ephesus Teatron Group, who will greet Independence Day with a concert of Philippine music-classical, folk, patriotic or simply entertaining.
It is, however, strange to see how Trump - who has been wary of large-scale foreign military entanglements and is desperate to pull US forces out of Afghanistan - could even lend an ear to Bolton.
Friends and families of those who are facing mental distress should not shun or shut out their loved ones but instead lend an ear to hear their concerns, said Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman.
We celebrate random acts of kindness LYNN LOVE To hold open a door, to lend an ear to someone needing a chat, it's always very rewarding to make a difference to someone's life.
The Philippine Army's 24th Infantry Battalion gathered "panglakayens and mananakems" (elders and wisdom-bearers in indigenous communities) for the "Elder's Forum" so government could lend an ear to their issues and concerns.
Ambassador Kurai said that if his government would lend an ear to him in the future, he would be happy to do even a second term in Pakistan.
It was to lend an ear to whistleblowers when officialdom wouldn't listen.
Indians are a star- struck lot and we lend an ear to anything that is mouthed by a Bollywood celebrity.
The prime minister should lend an ear to both sides, Shah further said adding that, thousands of people would be forced to migrate in case a military operation was conducted.