lend an ear

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lend an ear (to one)

To listen to one, especially when they are discussing a problem. Sorry I'm late, I had to lend an ear to Jane. She's been going through a lot lately. Thank you for lending an ear, I feel much better now that I've gotten that off my chest. Please lend an ear to Ian, who will be giving us an update about the last quarter.
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lend an ear


lend a sympathetic ear

If you lend an ear or lend a sympathetic ear to someone or their problems, you listen to them carefully and with concern. My mother was always willing to lend an ear and offer what advice she could. My colleagues lent a sympathetic ear to my complaints but could do nothing to help.
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lend an ear (or your ears)

listen to someone sympathetically or attentively.
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lend an ˈear (to somebody/something)

listen to what somebody is telling you: He’s a good friend. He’s always ready to lend a sympathetic ear.
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Ms Mothibatsela noted that her former boss, who was fond of fashion and style, and still looked too young to retire although she had long passed her prime, was a practical and realistic leader who was ready to lend an ear for positive development.
The spokesman advised the candidates not to lend an ear to these rumour mongers and reject all such concocted stories.
Spokeswoman Aoife Davey said: "Friends are the ones that pick us up when we're feeling low and lend an ear when we need it most.
The fact that you're there for them is priceless, so lend an ear.
If you are looking for a bar that, along with a great choice of drinks, thinks that friendly staff and owners who are willing to have a banter, lend an ear or just give you a hug are important, we are that place.
Meanwhile, will Lloyd finally lend an ear to Steve?
Dogs--they are loyal, loving, and always there to lend an ear when you need it most but, when it comes to understanding their vocalizations, let's just say it can get lost in translation.
Indians are a star- struck lot and we lend an ear to anything that is mouthed by a Bollywood celebrity.
The prime minister should lend an ear to both sides, Shah further said adding that, thousands of people would be forced to migrate in case a military operation was conducted.
A conversation partner who will lend an ear, offer a heart and devote a lifetime is the one for him.
They will, he hopes, inspire a greater appreciation of a wild world most of us rarely lend an ear to.
Lead by example, be a mentor or simply lend an ear.
Yeni E[currency]afak's AbdE-lkadir Selvi, who is also very pleased about government plans to lend an ear to Alevi's demands, says Labor Minister Faruk Ecelik, who has so far held seven Alevi workshops to discuss Alevi demands, met with President Abdullah GE-l at the Ecankaya presidential palace on Friday and made a presentation to him about the government's plans for Alevis.
Altaf Hussain said he requests the accusers with all respect to express their opinion only after they lend an ear to the points recounted by him.
Forget about food, we have not been able to use toilet, we have informed the officials about our grievances but they are not ready to lend an ear to our woes," he added.