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do me a lemon!

You must be joking; I can't believe this; that's nonsense. A slang phrase specific to London. Primarily heard in UK. Do me a lemon, man! No way I'm paying for tap water. You're going to fine me for spitting on the footpath? Do me a lemon!

lemon law

A law requiring an automobile manufacturer or dealer to replace, repair, or refund the cost of an automobile that proves to be defective after purchase. The automotive company will be shelling out millions of dollars in refunds for faulty ignition switches because congress passed much tighter lemon laws this summer.
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(go) suck a lemon

An expression of anger, scorn, or disdain. Primarily heard in US, Canada. Charles: "You never do any chores around the house, you just leave them for the rest of us!" Sam: "Oh, go suck a lemon, Charles! I don't have to listen to your crap." I can't believe you told your teacher to suck a lemon after she yelled at you.
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when life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Focus on the good in a bad situation and take action accordingly. While I was devastated to lose my job, being unemployed gave me the time to finally go back to school. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?
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hand (someone) a lemon

To give or sell something to someone without revealing that the item is not a good as it seems. Considering how often that car breaks down, I think the dealership handed you a lemon.
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a lemon

Something that is worthless or much less valuable than one was led to believe. It sounded like a good deal at the time, but this car he sold me is a total lemon!
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the answer's a lemon

old-fashioned A derisive or dismissive answer to a question that is impertinent, foolish, or ridiculous. Primarily heard in UK. A: "The government is in service of us, so why should we have to pay taxes to them?" B: "The answer's a lemon—maybe the next time you have a thought, keep it to yourself."
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the answer's a lemon

the response or outcome is unsatisfactory. informal
A lemon here is used to represent a bad, unsatisfactory, or disappointing thing, possibly because the lemon is the least valuable symbol that can be achieved by playing a fruit machine.
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hand someone a lemon

pass off a substandard article as good; swindle someone.
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Sometimes smaller and rounder than true lemons, Meyer lemons have a smooth skin and range in color from deep yellow to light orange, with a dark yellow or orange pulp.
1 LEMONS are high in vitamin C - sailors consumed them on long voyages to prevent scurvy.
To make lemon juice, roll a lemon on a flat surface, slice in half, and squeeze juice (a handheld lemon juicer makes this job easier) into a container or directly over foods.
If I make the lemonade in a pitcher or a large mason jar, I float thin slices of lemon or berries in it for a refreshing and pretty summertime look.
Consumers that have the Lemon Wallet app will be able to make purchases from merchants with the Lemon Network without having to reenter their credit card information each time.
Flavoring of your choice: a teaspoon of rose water or lemon extract of anise
The lemon is propagated from stored seeds in the springtime.
I remember reading about the powerful, aromatic qualities of the thin-skinned Meyer lemon in one of her earlier books, Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts.
Whisk in scallion, preserved lemon flesh and mustard.
Then we've some more substantial fare such as lemon biscuits and lemon and walnut cake.
Roll a lemon on a table to loosen the juices inside.
Layer up the lemons in the jar with the salt and the reserved lemon juice, squeezing them down as you go.
The car can also be a lemon if it has a series of different problems that make it unavailable to the purchaser for a long period of time, often 30 days.
One famous chef I spoke with said that virtually everything that goes out of his kitchen is finished with a spritz of lemon.