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legislate against (something)

To ban, prohibit, or forbid something through legislation. As it stands, over 20 states still legislate against recreational marijuana, despite the federal government lifting its own ban earlier this year. I just don't think the government should legislate against things like cheap junk food.
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legislate for (something)

To allow something to happen or take effect through legislation. The president has been a staunch supporter of healthcare reforms since taking office. Congress has successfully legislated for raising the age at which one is allowed to purchase alcohol.
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legislate against something

to prohibit something; to pass a law against something. You can't just legislate against something. You have to explain to people why they shouldn't do it. The Congress has just legislated against insolvent banks.
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legislate for something

to pass a law that tries to make something happen. The candidate pledged to legislate for tax relief. We support your efforts to legislate for lower taxes.
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With the expenditures for Medicaid and Medicare consuming huge percents of state and Federal budgets, it will soon become apparent that legislating medical care based on anecdotes has ramifications.
On the other hand, Levitt emphasized he was very apprehensive about the notion of legislating accounting standards," which, he said, "are best set through the process we have today."
Would legislating an auditor's report on internal control have prevented these frauds?
By the single act of legislating a much higher minimum wage, the leftist trade unions could double our unemployment rate and set back gains in reducing poverty by at least two decades.
ISLAMABAD: Speaker National Assembly (NA), Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said that Labour Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of working men and women for whom the government is legislating."While remembering the Chicago Martyrs for their valiant struggle against oppression, exploitation and injustice, we also pay tribute to the labour community for its valuable contribution in building the nation," said Ayaz in a message for the commemoration of Labour Day.
We want to ensure that what we are legislating is useful and effective,' he added.
Check out "God & Governing," our documentary series on the role lawmakers' personal faith played in their legislating.
The Chief Justice further said that the parliament was legislating and functional and they appreciated it.
Criticism were driven by MPs against Speaker, Nujeifi, due to the dedication of sessions for reciting statements instead of legislating 250 draft laws that were inherited from the previous parliament.
Almost every week we see new evidence of how the Assembly's limited powers preclude it from legislating in our best interests.
Legislating against discrimination; an international survey of anti-discrimination norms.
Abstract: Fay Yarbrough, "Legislating Women's Sexuality: Cherokee Marriage Laws in the Nineteenth Century".
Mike Pence (R-Ind.) backed DeLay's proposal, telling Focus on the Family's "Family News in Focus" that a court-stripping measure that limits the reach of the federal courts will "bring an end to the judicial activism that has resulted almost in legislating from the bench."