legislate for

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legislate for (something)

To allow something to happen or take effect through legislation. The president has been a staunch supporter of healthcare reforms since taking office. Congress has successfully legislated for raising the age at which one is allowed to purchase alcohol.
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legislate for something

to pass a law that tries to make something happen. The candidate pledged to legislate for tax relief. We support your efforts to legislate for lower taxes.
See also: legislate
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He warned them they had until Monday to produce a written agreement or he would be forced to legislate for a budget.
We've given away soft goals in the past and I can't legislate for that.
He will say that the Scottish Parliament "does not have power to legislate for a referendum on independence".
Mr Murphy also said if Mr Brokenshire decides to legislate for a budget at Westminster, "this FIRM Conor Murphy MLA phase of the talks process is over".
And in that sense, I think it can be only a fair reading that it does legislate for.
The Government must legislate for X and legislate now.
ENDA Kenny yesterday went headto-head with his predecessor John Bruton over Government plans to legislate for abortion.
Asked if the Government should legislate for the 1992 X Case to allow abortion where a mother's life is in danger, 71% said yes.