legislate for

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legislate for something

to pass a law that tries to make something happen. The candidate pledged to legislate for tax relief. We support your efforts to legislate for lower taxes.
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The Bill aims to legislate for the X case judgment from the Supreme Court, which found abortion is legal if there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother, including the threat of suicide.
He will say that the Scottish Parliament "does not have power to legislate for a referendum on independence".
With each basis point in borrowing cost adding more than $200 million a year to the deficit, the stakes are too high to legislate for the sake of mere consistency among securities laws.
The Government must legislate for X and legislate now.
ENDA Kenny yesterday went headto-head with his predecessor John Bruton over Government plans to legislate for abortion.
Asked if the Government should legislate for the 1992 X Case to allow abortion where a mother's life is in danger, 71% said yes.
THE Transport Minister has said he is worried that if we legislate for the X case here it may open the floodgates to abortion on demand.