legislate against

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legislate against (something)

To ban, prohibit, or forbid something through legislation. As it stands, over 20 states still legislate against recreational marijuana, despite the federal government lifting its own ban earlier this year. I just don't think the government should legislate against things like cheap junk food.
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legislate against something

to prohibit something; to pass a law against something. You can't just legislate against something. You have to explain to people why they shouldn't do it. The Congress has just legislated against insolvent banks.
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''No nation can be required to legislate against the interests of its citizens.
"So insistently did Renaissance writers hammer at the issue of vagrancy;" Linda Woodbridge says at the outset of her new study, "so frenetically did the Tudors legislate against vagrancy, that R.
But unfortunately, there is no way to legislate against the fundamental problem that afflicted Enron: a culture that put the welfare of the top executives ahead of investors and employees.
It is only recently, however, that our society has given it a name and decided to monitor it, study it, and legislate against it.
Environmental groups, in particular Greenpeace, have urged the Mexican government to legislate against GMO crops because they say large quantities of imported GMO corn are entering the country from the United States.
One of our recent Catholic Prime Ministers, Joe Clark, still mistakenly praises the book for its Christian humanism, and says that every politician knows that it is impossible to legislate against abortion.
Because of this, the Stewards are reluctant to legislate against such jubilation by introducing a regulation to reduce or prevent it.
Constitution that protect the right to contract, provide for "full faith and credit" (requiring recognition of court judgments of other states) and ensure that a state cannot legislate against Federal law.
We could explicitly legislate against the use of race in suspect profiles, but even explicit legislation would be bound to fail at street level.
The Congress can attempt to legislate barriers that try to stop institutions from shifting deposits, but the history of efforts to legislate against such strong financial incentives is not encouraging.
But the DWP has a gloomy record in this area, not least for refusing to legislate against unpaid work trials in the private sector.
The participants demanded that the government should include civil society organisations and media persons in initiatives to legislate against attacks on journalists.
He added that the parliament cannot legislate against basic rights.
Lahore -- The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has urged the Punjab Assembly to legislate against blockades and declare it a crime as it has become the most burning issue and hampering the trade, economic and social activities.
I found him really irritating when I coached against him, but that is just a personal thing" Former Manchester United star Roy Keane, pictured, on Jose Mourinho "I chose a single-sex Oxford College because I thought I would rather not face the trauma of men at breakfast" Reported remark by Home Secretary Theresa May "You can't legislate against human stupidity.