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The purchase and conveyance of cigarettes, typically from a place where they are taxed less. A pun on the word "bootlegging," with "butt" being a reference to cigarette butts. Oh, buttlegging is the only way I can afford cigarettes these days, now that taxes in our area are so high!

leg it

slang To go somewhere on foot, often quickly. Leg it, guys, the cops are here! We really need to leg it if we're going to make this bus! My car ran out of gas two miles from my house so I just had to leg it home.
See also: leg

ˈleg it

(informal, especially British English) run, especially in order to escape from somebody: We saw the police coming and legged it down the road.
See also: leg


n. the transportation of untaxed or undertaxed cigarettes across a state line. (see also bootleg.) Most of the guys at the plant do buttlegging on the way home from work.