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legal eagle

An especially clever, aggressive, or skillful attorney. I might be considered something of a legal eagle now, but I had to work for years to get enough experience to build my reputation.
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legal beagle

An especially clever, aggressive, or skillful attorney. I might be considered something of a legal beagle now, but I had to work for years to get enough experience to build my reputation.
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legal duty

Something that one must do, as required by law. It is the legal duty of homeowners in this community to maintain their property and not let it fall into disrepair.
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and legal-eagle (ˈliglæˈbiglæ and ˈliglæˈiglæ)
n. a lawyer. I’ve got a legal-beagle who can get me out of this scrape.


References in classic literature ?
Veneering for ever' stuck upon it, as if it were a wall; and they gloriously proceed, amidst the grins of the populace, to a feeble little town hall on crutches, with some onions and bootlaces under it, which the legal gentleman says are a Market; and from the front window of that edifice Veneering speaks to the listening earth.
But Veneering makes two remarkably good points; so good, that they are supposed to have been suggested to him by the legal gentleman in Britannia's confidence, while briefly conferring on the stairs.
Then, dinner is had at the Hotel with the legal gentleman, and then there are in due succession, nomination, and declaration.
inquired his legal friend, when the dwarf had given his boy this gentle admonition.
The legal gentleman being by this time rather giddy and perplexed in his ideas (for this was one of the operations of the tobacco on his nervous system), took the opportunity of slinking away into the open air, where, in course of time, he recovered sufficiently to return with a countenance of tolerable composure.
Finding that there was nobody in sight, he presently returned into the house with his legal friend, protesting (as the child heard from the staircase), that there was a league and plot against him; that he was in danger of being robbed and plundered by a band of conspirators who prowled about the house at all seasons; and that he would delay no longer but take immediate steps for disposing of the property and returning to his own peaceful roof.
Litigation proceeds and the related legal fees generally fall into four categories:
The Code does not expressly provide a deduction for legal fees.
The CBA legal team is headed by Vancouver lawyers J.
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com includes a directory of over 1,000 editorially selected legal blogs, which are categorized by subject matter and locality.
Orchestria enables companies to control electronic communication to defend against confidential data leakage, enforce regulatory compliance, protect intellectual property, adhere to critical financial and legal controls, and to ensure appropriate employee behavior.
The lawyer's stock in trade is the sale of legal services, not photocopy paper, tuna fish sandwiches, computer time or messenger services.
The court said that just as secretaries and clerks have been recognized as necessary to providing legal services, so should accountants.
Based Legal and Business Expertise at a Cost Advantage over in-House Counsel and Outside Law Firms