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legal beagle

An especially clever, aggressive, or skillful attorney. I might be considered something of a legal beagle now, but I had to work for years to get enough experience to build my reputation.
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legal duty

Something that one must do, as required by law. It is the legal duty of homeowners in this community to maintain their property and not let it fall into disrepair.
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legal eagle

An especially clever, aggressive, or skillful attorney. I might be considered something of a legal eagle now, but I had to work for years to get enough experience to build my reputation.
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legal wrinkle

1. A loophole, gray area, or exploitable flaw within a piece of legislation that allows something to happen contrary to the law's intended purpose. A legal wrinkle in the decades-old law is being used by the company to justify its expansion without the approval of the city council.
2. An unexpected legal development or implication. The court's decision is the latest legal wrinkle in the highly publicized case.
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and legal-eagle (ˈliglæˈbiglæ and ˈliglæˈiglæ)
n. a lawyer. I’ve got a legal-beagle who can get me out of this scrape.


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Currently working with major insurers such as DAS, Arc Legal, ARAG Insurance and ALP (Allianz) on their legal expenses insurance (LEI) cover, Epoq is now offering its service to commercial lines insurers, brokers, challenger banks and other financial service providers with a more widely accessible business risk protection (BRP) product.
Through the engagement, Lamola encouraged eligible members of the public to utilise Legal Aid's legal services which are available at no cost.
Asylum seekers, homeless people, and those at risk of domestic violence are just some of those who could be eligible for legal aid.
Simon Davis, Vice President of the Law Society, said: "Cuts to legal aid spending over the past five years have denied justice to the most vulnerable in society, of money legal aidfallen by quarter 2011/12 placed a further burden on the taxpayer and damaged the foundation of our justice system.
The amount of money spent on legal aid cases has fallen by nearly a quarter since 2011/12 Almost a third of legal aid areas have only one or no law firms that provide housing advice through legal aid
He also noted that similar campaigns for providing free legal assistance to the population had been carried out in the shopping centers of the capital and in the regions.
An institute for the provision of free legal aid has been created in Kyrgyzstan, he noted.
Sesay for meeting a key requirement in the Legal Aid Act 2012 which provides that all legal aid organizations shall be accredited to engage in the provision of legal aid.He assured him that the Board is ready to work with his organization in expanding access to justice.
* Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida--$326,380.71
Speakers observed that many people, especially the indigent, women and children, needed support and legal representation in solving their civil matters, but that they did not have the required and necessary information on the free service which was offered by government in conjunction with the Law Society of Botswana (LSB).
'After coming to power again in 2009, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina again took initiatives to expedite the implementation of National Legal Aid Services Act, 2000.
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