leave (one's) mark

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leave (one's) mark

To do something that will be remembered or that makes one famous or successful; to do something that is very important or meaningful. The actress first left her mark with her incredible performance as Lady Macbeth on Broadway. I chose to pursue a career in medical research so that I might someday leave my mark on the world with a groundbreaking discovery.
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leave your mark


leave a mark

COMMON If someone or something leaves their mark or leaves a mark on someone or something, they change them or have a lasting effect on them. He now has five more years in office and would still dearly like to leave his mark on the world. I lived abroad, in Asia, for four years, and this is an experience that tends to leave its mark. Hani left an indelible mark on the politics of South Africa.
See also: leave, mark

ˌleave/ˌmake your/its ˈmark (on something/somebody)

do something important, that has a lasting effect or makes a lasting impression (on something/somebody): As Minister for Education, he left his mark on British politics.Her two unhappy marriages have left their mark (= have made her an unhappy person).
See also: leave, make, mark
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Margaret Thatcher is no more Hero to the rich, villain to the poor She's finally gone that iron lady Her politics remain exceedingly shady She persecuted the poor most folk will cry Conveniently forgetting the right to buy History will recall a fearsome prime minister The mining community something more sinister She bullied the unions and left them in bits Her sorry demise played out at the Ritz So farewell Maggie you sure left your mark No tribute at Anfield nor Goodison Park From grocer's daughter to top of the pile A remarkable feat though many you did rile by Ron Bowcock, via email