leave cold

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leave (one) cold

To not affect one; to bore or underwhelm one. A noun or pronoun is often used between "leave" and "cold." The presentation had some nice points, but in general it just left me cold—it needed something to keep up interest.
See also: cold, leave

leave someone cold

to leave someone unaffected or bored. He said it was dull, and it left him cold. The music's good, but the story left the producer cold.
See also: cold, leave
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Here we look at some of her hotter looks and those that left us cold.
We've done the hard work and put six own-brand beefburgers to the ultimate Cash Queens taste test to find which ones were sizzlers and which left us cold.
The Dwarf Star, not yet in time Left us cold, unloved, but fine
The dentist left us cold at the thought of the ancient equipment drilling away, not least after we were told how the instruments were sterilised just once a day
If they do come back, it will be a whole different ballgame after these people walked out and left us cold.
But Tower's renunciation of Demon Chardonnay left us cold sober.
Last night, parents Julie and Christopher blasted the NHS and the hospital, saying: "It has destroyed our faith in the medical profession and left us cold.
It got a lukewarm response on Katherine Jenkins while Lynda Bellingham left us cold.
This will come as good news after a summer which left us cold, wet and miserable.
DAMP SQUIB Fish and his forecasters pals left us cold
LAT'S be honest Most people only watch the Superbowl LAST WEEK'S Superbowl left us cold apart from betting on the last song of Prince's half-time show.
The rises are nothing short of callous - and although it is the height of summer, they have left us cold.