References in classic literature ?
"But papa has left us alone. We've never seen him," said Kitty.
"He would have been very happy here, I'm sure," she said, "if only the Nome King had left us alone. But if Oz is destroyed of course this place will be destroyed too."
The Count, who was with him when I went in, immediately rose and left us alone together.
But our country [India] has left us alone to fight them,' Mehbooba stated in her address to those present.
(Burhan you became a martyr, you have left us alone?).
"I want to say that people left us alone. I wasn't queued up with people.
The Motherland, our assurance always, has never left us alone. We thank Minister Gunay for the "Tourism Action Plan" protocol to be signed between our two countries on Saturday, Kucuk underlined.
He said: "If they had just left us alone we would have stayed out of their way - but now we have been left with no choice but to contact the police."
"They showed us the place where Matthew's ashes would be placed and then left us alone to take as long as we wanted.
You Black Emperor offshoot released their debut album He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms.
For 30 years my wife's youngest son by her first marriage was friendly and generally left us alone until his own marriage broke down.
"However, after a decent start, they left us alone and concentrated on the teams struggling below us like Livingston and Hibs.
"To be honest though it would be a lot worse but the Press have left us alone, which we are really grateful for.